NV Dems to fine schools $5k per day for not allowing biological males in girls sports

The Democrats of the Nevada legislature quickly passed an amendment that penalises school boards for preventing biological males who identify themselves as transgenders from using women’s locker rooms or competing on girls’ sports teams.

The amendment was passed without hearings on Friday. It imposes a $5,000 administrative penalty per day for school boards that refuse to allow students to take part in “school-related activities” because of their “gender expression or identity.”

According to reports, the controversial amendment penalizing schools was only added after Assembly Bill No. The Assembly Bill No. 423 had already been passed unanimously and bipartisanly. The amendment received no GOP votes and passed only with the full support of Democrats.

Ira Hansen (R-Nev.) called on the Nevada legislature to “protect female sports” and reconsider the Democratic amendment.


Hansen, referring to the changes in the bill as the “Bud Light Amendment”, referred to them as such before Friday’s passage.

The Republican state Senator railed at the sponsors of the bill, singling out Democrat State Sen. Fabian Donate. He questioned if the “intent of the amendment” was to deny school boards the right to prevent biological males from entering biological female restrooms, locker rooms or sporting events. Donate didn’t respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

The text of the bill states that the “board of trustees” shall not adopt any policy that restricts a student’s access to school activities or facilities because of their race, religion, color, nationality, disability, orientation or gender, ancestry or familial status, or sex.

The Democrat-introduced Amendment then warns any school that violates this amendment and doesn’t allow students to use the facilities based on “gender identity” or does not comply with it will be penalized.

Now, the bill is headed to Gov. The bill now heads to Gov.