NY Democrats ram through new congressional map that will give them an edge in elections — then changes law to limit challenges

New York Democrats passed new congressional maps to give their party an advantage in this year’s election. They also imposed new restrictions on legal challenges during a “emergency vote” Wednesday.

After the maps were first officially presented, they were voted on so quickly that Governor Kathy Hochul had to issue an emergency order. Kathy Hochul was forced to issue an urgent order in order for lawmakers to act.

State lawmakers passed a law to limit the number of lawsuits filed against their plan to the Democrat-friendly counties Erie and Albany.

Experts say that the new maps, which were drawn after Democrats rejected a plan by a bipartisan Independent Redistricting Commission, will help to boost the reelection chances of Rep. Tom Suozzi and “Squad’s” Jamaal Bowman. Hochul will likely approve the Democrats plan.

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We Won our Case!
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The Senate approved the maps with a vote of 45-17, and the Assembly voted 150-33 — largely along partisan lines.

Outrage Wednesday focused on the legal maneuver rather than the maps.

The Assembly debated the separate bill that was already passed by the Senate to limit the places where legal challenges can be filed.

During the debate on the floor, Assemblyman Edward Flood, R-Suffolk asked: “Is it Russia?”

This sounds like it comes from a socialist country.

Assemblyman David Di Pierto, R-East Aurora Upstate, said: “This does not pass the smell test.” It goes against our values and individual rights.

Assemblyman William Magnarelli, D-Syracuse, the sponsor of the legislation, defended his move to stop “forum shopping” and establish “specialty courts” to hear redistricting matters.

Republicans laughed at this argument. They noted that redistricting occurs every ten years, and there was no need for an specialized court for housing or small claims cases.

The successful 2022 lawsuit that overturned the Democrats’ maps in upstate Steuben County was brought by upstate Steuben County and upheld both by the mid-level and Court of Appeals.

The Democrats imposed the legal restrictions, while billionaire Ronald Lauder, a conservative activist and billionaire, is considering funding a lawsuit in order to block the maps.

John Faso said that he would not file a lawsuit this time. He was a key architect in the successful challenge of 2022 maps.

Faso stated that there was no basis for a suit. “The map that the Democrats approved in 2022, after we won our case, is no different than the one the special master had created.

A special master was appointed by the court to redraw district boundaries in response to the Harkenrider lawsuit two years ago.

Ed Cox, the chairman of the State Republican Party, agreed.

Cox stated that “despite Democrats’ continued corruption of the process these lines are not substantially different from those drawn the special master.”

There is no further need to litigate.”

Republicans complained more about the Democratic lawmakers’ rejection of the IRC maps rather than the actual changes made.

Unfortunately, politics intervened itself. Anthony Palumbo, a senator from Long Island (R-Riverhead), said: “The maps favor incumbents to my opinion.”

Assemblyman Michael Durso, a Republican from Massapequa Park, said that the Democrats’ changes to the map affect 10 of 26 House districts.

The state’s highest court, the Court of Appeals under a new Chief Judge, reversed its decision last December to order a redrawing of the maps.