Report: DHS eyes ordering illegal immigrants to stay in Texas

According to a report released on Thursday, the Biden administration is considering a policy that would require unauthorized immigrants who arrive in Texas to remain there, thus preventing their spread throughout the United States.

Los Angeles Times reports that the goal is to put the migrants in a more favorable position for deportation. This would also stop the huge influx of migrants in liberal cities around the country.

Both sides in the immigration debate would likely protest loudly.

Immigrant rights activists would likely object to restricting migrants’ freedom of travel. Texas, along with its conservative allies and border-state officials, has said that the state has already borne the brunt from an immigration surge that President Biden invited.


The Los Angeles Times called the policy “remain in Texas,” which harkens back to Trump’s controversial but successful “Remain In Mexico” policy.

Citing unnamed sources in the paper, it was stated that the plan relied on GPS tracking devices to ensure migrants stayed near the border.

To make a significant impact, Homeland Security will need to increase the use of tracking.

By the end of August, the department only had 9,288 ankle bracelets fitted and 100 GPS-tracking watches. This is about the same as the number of undocumented migrants who enter the country every other day.

The government spends about $3 per day on each GPS bracelet. The watches cost $4.50 per day.

Biden’s administration has been plagued by the border on numerous occasions.

The president predicted that the numbers would fall soon when they first began to increase in early 2021. Instead, the numbers got worse.

After Homeland Security implemented a new set of policies to encourage illegal immigrants schedule their arrivals in advance, the numbers changed and Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas celebrated a win.

The Washington Post reported historically low numbers for August, just completed.