RNC Sues Michigan Over ‘Inflated’ Voter Rolls

The Republican National Committee has filed a suit against Michigan Secretary-of-State Jocelyn Benson for alleged non-compliance with federal requirements regarding the maintenance of Michigan’s “inflated” and “inaccurate” voter registry.

Michael Whatley, RNC Chair, said in a press release that “Election Integrity starts with clean voter lists. That’s why the National Voter Registration Act mandates state officials keep their rolls up-to date and accurate.” “Jocelyn Benson failed to comply with the NVRA and Michigan now has inflated and inaccurate voting rolls in advance of the 2024 elections.”

The RNC has filed a lawsuit claiming that “76 counties in Michigan — 91.5% — have inflated voting rolls, which demonstrate a failure to comply with the NVRA.” It also claims that 53 counties in Michigan have more registered voters over 18 than active residents.

Benson referred to the Detroit Free Press’ lawsuit as a marketing tactic.

When the Truth Gets Out

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When the Truth Gets Out
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Benson stated in a press release that “let’s call it what it is,” a PR campaign disguised as a meritless suit filled with baseless allegations, which seeks to undermine people’s confidence in the security our elections. Shame on those who use the legal system to undermine our democracy.

It is not the first instance that a government agency has been sued over a failure to maintain its voter register. Judicial Watch won cases, including in Pennsylvania, New York City and Colorado, for improperly maintaining voter rolls.

The RNC wants a court to rule that Michigan state officials are in violation of federal law. According to the lawsuit filed by the RNC, it wants to force these officials to develop and implement “reasonable and effective registration-list-maintenance” programs in order to correct their failure to comply and ensure that non-eligible voters are not listed on voter rolls.