Some States Stockpile Abortion Pill After Court Ruling

A growing number states with Democratic governors stockpile drugs for medication abortions amid concerns that a federal court ruling may limit access to the most common method of abortion in the U.S.

Massachusetts purchased enough mifepristone, one of two drugs that are used together to end pregnancies, to last more than a year. Monday’s announcement was made by Maura Healey. California has a stockpile of emergency misoprostol pills, which is the other drug used to treat abortions, Governor. Newsom, a Democrat, made the announcement.

In Washington, the Democrat Governor. Jay Inslee last week announced that the state had purchased 30,000 doses generic mifepristone. He said it is enough to provide sufficient medication for the state’s residents for three years.

The shipment arrived in late march.


Newsom stated Friday that abortion is legal in California and still accessible. He added that he would not stand by as fundamental freedoms were stripped away.

These actions were taken by U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk in Amarillo Texas. He is a Trump appointee.

In order to allow federal authorities to challenge the judge’s decision, the judge temporarily stayed his decision for a week. The Biden administration, which had criticized the ruling, appealed the decision on Monday. Biden officials claimed it would undermine the Food and Drug Administration’s scientific judgement and “severely hurt women, especially those for whom mifepristone can be used as a practical or medical necessity.”

A second opinion, also published Friday by a federal judge, added to the confusion. Thomas O. District Judge Rice, a Obama appointee, directed U.S authorities to not make any changes that would limit access to the drug for at least 17 states in which Democrats sued to protect its availability.

Healey stated that the Kacsmaryk ruling could affect access to the medication even in states that support abortion rights, like Massachusetts.

It harms patients, weakens medical expertise, and removes freedom. It is an attempt to punish, shame, and marginalize women. Healey, flanked by U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and other Democratic legislators, said that it was unnecessary.

It is horrible. She added, “It is terrible.”

Newsom stated that Kacsmaryk’s ruling “ignores facts and science and the law” and places the health of millions upon millions of girls and women at risk.

Inslee stated that it is important for states take steps to ensure drug access.

Inslee posted Monday’s tweet, “After we announced last week our actions to protect access to Mifepristone,” on Twitter. “To be clear, regardless of the outcome in the Texas case, WA’s laws will allow us to sell and distribute this medication.

The 15,000 doses in Massachusetts were purchased by the University of Massachusetts-Amherst at Healey’s request.

Healey said that Massachusetts’s health care providers have also committed to buying additional quantities of mifepristone. Healey stated that the administration has allocated $1 million to assist providers who are contracted with the Department of Public Health in order to pay for the doses.

Although there is no plan to stockpile Mifepristone in Connecticut, Attorney General William Tong stated Monday that he had been in touch with major pharmacie chains to remind them of the law and not to be influenced in any way by GOP attorneys general from other states.

He said, “(I’m] obviously deeply disappointed that [my colleagues] have taken that action.” “We are retaliating against that. We are in contact with all major pharmacy chains and are advising them about their rights here in Connecticut.

Healey also signed Friday’s executive order to expand a 2022 law. This was intended to create a legal firewall around abortion services, protecting patients, health care providers and pharmacists against out-of-state investigations into medications abortions.

After Roe v. Wade was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court, the law was signed.

Kacsmaryk’s preliminary injunction would effectively ban the sale of mifepristone, while the case against him continues. The former President Donald Trump appointed Kacsmaryk to the bench. He did not decide on the merits. The injunction will continue in effect until the judge issues a final ruling or is reversed in appeal.

During the hearing, the judge raised concerns about the FDA’s regulatory process. The Justice Department’s lawyers and Danco Laboratories’ attorney for mifepristone, the manufacturer, claimed that plaintiffs did not have standing to file the case. They also stated that mifepristone had a remarkable safety and efficacy record.

According to the Guttmacher Institute (a research organization that supports abortion rights), 12 of 50 states have banned abortion since last year’s Supreme Court decision.