Texas Gov Names 2nd Interim AG Before Ken Paxton Trial

Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott, following the historic impeachment of Republican Ken Paxton on charges of misconduct and crimes announced by the Governor’s Office Monday, has selected a longtime assistant to serve as Texas’ second acting Attorney General.

Angela Colmenero, who will take over as interim top attorney for the state starting on Friday, while Paxton waits to be tried in the Senate of the State. The trial could lead to his permanent removal. The trial will begin on Sept. 5.

Colmenero will replace John Scott, the former Texas Secretary of State who was appointed by Governor Abbott as a “short term interim” after Paxton was impeached in May by the Republican House of Representatives.

Abbott praised Colmenero for her “experience in state governments and expertise in litigation” in a press release. She had previously worked at the office of the attorney general in New York State for almost a decade.


Paxton has been suspended from his office until the end of his trial for 20 articles of impeachment, which include charges of corruption and abuse of office. Separately he is being investigated by the FBI over allegations that he used power to help a donation. Last month, the donor was indicted by a federal judge in Austin on charges that he made false statements to banks.

Paxton’s defence team has stated that he will not be testifying in his impeachment case. Paxton is still waiting for trial in 2015 on charges of felony securities fraud. The impeachment managers stated that he has not pleaded guilty and never given a deposition during the eight years of this case.

Abbott thanked Scott for his resignation in a statement. Scott’s spokesperson confirmed that Scott would leave Friday. Scott requested in a brief resignation letter, provided by the Governor’s Office, that his time as acting Attorney General “be limited.”