Texas Republicans unveil sweeping border framework ‘by Texans for Texas’

On Thursday, Texas Republican legislators presented a comprehensive border security framework that is tailored to their state’s needs — which has been at the forefront of the border crisis.

Lone Star State Republican House delegation presented their border framework, written “by Texans FOR Texans”, and was the latest plan by the GOP to secure border before they take the chamber in January.

In their “Commitment to America,” Republicans released their plan earlier this year. It promised to act on a variety of border security measures as well as asylum reforms to prevent a flood in migration. This number exceeded 2.3 million in FY 2022 and is expected to surpass that figure in FY 2023.

The lawmakers state that they are members of Congress who represent Texans and the southern border and have committed to doing the same. They also offer solutions to achieve the goals of the Commitment To America.

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These commitments can be broken down into categories and are based on Texas legislation.

The first is a commitment towards completing infrastructure at border — including the Trump-era wall. This has been largely stagnated under the Biden administration. They want to support Border Patrol recruitment, and build 700 miles of roads at the border. Texas will also be reimbursed for its border security costs.

The policy side of the issue is that the lawmakers would like to see the U.S. government turn away all illegal immigrants if it cannot detain them and place them in systems such as the “Remain-in-Mexico” policy, which kept migrants in Mexico during their hearings.

They want to see all non-governmental organisations that encourage “the violation our border security laws and related laws” defunded.

It would also limit the amount of DHS’ prosecutorial discretion that can be used to release illegal immigrants into interior. The framework would also restrict DHS’s use parole, which is supposed to be used to mass-release migrants into the interior on a case by case basis. It calls for greater enforcement of criminal illegal immigrants and visa evaders.

The framework also calls for the targeting of cartels through the designation of cartels terrorists and the increasing penalties for drug smuggling and human trafficking — including fentanyl.

Rep. Chip Roy stated that Texas is being under siege by this invasion every single day. “Our delegation is tired watching the Biden Administration have more important things’ to do than protect our fellow Texans, Americans from cartels terrorists, fentanyl trafkers, human traffickers and murderers.” Fox News Digital was also informed by Chip Roy.

He said, “We are committing ourselves that we will secure our southern border; and we will not accept any less.”

The people of Texas understand and appreciate the immense social and economic consequences of Biden’s unprecedented open-border crisis. Rep. Jodey said that it was only natural for the Texas Delegation lead the way in using all tools and authority to secure our border, defend our sovereignty and protect our citizens — as well as all Americans — from this disaster.

“As migrants continue to flood over our southern border with fentanyl, the Biden Administration sits by and refuses even to acknowledge this terrible crisis,” Rep. Dan Crenshaw said. Crenshaw has introduced several border-related bills in recent weeks.

“Texas continues bear the brunt in this mess, and Biden’s inaction speaks volumes. Crenshaw said that the House Republicans would do all they can to end this national security crisis and secure our borders by January 3rd.

This framework is the latest indication that Republicans are preparing for a strong focus on border security during the next Congress. GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy led an effort to visit the southern border last month. He called upon Alejandro Mayorkas, DHS Secretary, to resign or face possible impeachment.

The House’s ranking members have indicated their intent to investigate the Biden administration’s handling of the crisis.

The border faces a challenge due to the expiration Title 42, which was used to expel most migrants from the southern border since March 2020. Both Republicans and Democrats are concerned about the possibility of a new surge in the already high number of migrants crossing the border.

The Biden administration sought to calm fears and has presented a six-point plan for dealing with an increase in population.