Violent brawl breaks out at Michigan GOP committee meeting

DeYoung, speaking from the hospital, said: “We are so divided.” “I wish we could all come together.”

It is not the first instance that internal tensions have flared up. The Washington Post reported that in June, “At the very least four Michigan county parties have been in open conflict with each other. Members are suing each other or presenting competing slates claiming to be in control.” Two GOP officials had a physical fight in a hotel lobby the night before a state party meeting in April over an effort to expel members.

Another source of tension is the criticism that Ms Karamo – who was elected chairwoman in February – has not provided more information on fundraising and spending. The Post reported that Ms Karamo has also struggled to raise funds and left the party’s former headquarters.

Ms Karamo recently removed Matt Johnson as the chairman of the budget committee, citing “dereliction and several other grievances”.

When the Truth Gets Out

Lt. Gen. Flynn here. I know how to get revenge after what they did to Trump. There’s a Democrat under indictment that we need to defeat, Henry Cuellar. This district is RIPE for the flipping. And given it’s a majority Latino district, I’ve partnered with Latinos for America First to help us get the Republican candidate, Jay Furman, elected this November. Are you on board?

When the Truth Gets Out
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Mr Johnson said that spending was “so out of proportion to income that it puts us on the road to bankruptcy”.

The Michigan Republican Party has been beaten in the midterm elections of 2022. Ms Karamo, who lost her bid for secretary of State in November to a Democrat opponent by 14 percentages points, is now out of power at the state legislature. This is the first time it’s happened in 40 years.

The Democratic Party controls the state Senate as well. Governor Gretchen Whitmer won her re-election in November 2022 with a comfortable margin of 11 points.

Continued internal conflicts will make it harder for a Republican to win the state at the presidential election in 2024.