Why families are fleeing certain states and moving to others

Data shows that 36 million Americans moved last year to avoid the pandemic. They did so to find new jobs and be near their families.

According to the United Van Lines latest study, 64% of respondents changed their address for a new job, while 64% did so in order to reunite with loved ones. While employment was the most popular reason, it has fallen 19% in the last two years. However, the number of people who are closer to their family members has risen 13%.

Next was retirement, at 18%. Then came lifestyle changes (14%), health issues (6%), cost of living (7%).

“This data from United Van Lines shows COVID-19’s impact on domestic migration patterns with 2021 seeing an acceleration of moves towards smaller, mid-sized cities,” stated Michael A. Stoll, University of California, Los Angeles.

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He said that Americans are attempting to move out of high-density areas to avoid infection. However, the change in how they work has also led to this transformation.

However, businesses are rated first if they move between 2020-2022. California lost the most companies due to its strict regulations and high costs. A BuildRemote study revealed that 94 corporations, including Chevron and Tesla, have left California in search of better profits.

According to United States Postal Service data for 2021, California, New York and Illinois lost the most residents. California lost 101,000 households while New York lost 75,000 families. These two states are the most expensive in America, but they also have the distinction of being the leaders in crime and homelessness.

According to the USPS, the most new residents came from the traditionally low-cost Southern states. The top five states were Texas, Florida and South Carolina. North Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Georgia. These Sunbelt states are where families can escape the cold temperatures of four of the five exodus state.

It is interesting to note that the states with the highest number of incoming families were all blue while the ones that gained residents were red. Georgia is a swing state.

Adam Kamins, Moody Analytics economist, suggested that people don’t move because of politics. They want a better quality life.

Kamins stated that the main reason people move to red states is because they are generally cheaper. There’s more land. They can afford a larger house because the housing costs are lower. It could also mean more sunshine. It could be parts of the Mountain West. You might also get better scenery there than on the East Coast. This is the largest set of factors and more important than any policy.