Youngkin performs 2024 litmus test on abortion in urging Virginia Republicans to support 15-week restriction

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin has set a test for 2024 on abortion, urging Republicans in the state to support a ban of 15 weeks ahead of the legislative elections next month.

The Washington Post reported that the governor was helping GOP candidates who are running for 140 seats in Virginia’s General Assembly in November 7th elections to align themselves with the 15-week abortion limit with exceptions for incest, rape and life of pregnant women, as a “reasonable and common” approach.

A $1.4 Million ad campaign funded by Youngkin’s Spirit of Virginia group promoted this policy. The ads stated, “Here is the truth: there is no ban.”

The Virginia election next month is the last major race before the presidential and congressional elections in 2024. Youngkin’s campaign is seen as a test of national Republicans, who have struggled to find a pro-life message that is shared by all since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

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Though Democrats running for Virginia’s General Assembly out-raised Republicans in September, Youngkin has drawn from his national fundraising – which has seen surges amid the governor’s own flirtation with a potential presidential run – to throw support behind helping the state GOP maintain control of the House of Delegates and flip the Democratic-controlled Senate, the Post reported.

If he wins, he will have more freedom to pursue a conservative agenda, including limiting abortions and enacting stricter criminal justice laws, as well as tax cuts and easing environmental restrictions.

After the Dobbs decision, Democrats were able to successfully rally support for many races in the 2022 election.

Zack Roday told The Post that “there was no Republican response. None. And the results in the ’22 Midterms were difficult.” “Republicans did not talk about their current situation. They didn’t denounce the falsehoods, and sometimes outright lies.

Donald Trump, former president of the United States and GOP presidential candidate, said that if Republicans don’t come to an agreement on abortion by 2024, it could hurt their party. He cited Florida Governor Rick Scott as an example. Ron DeSantis’ support for a 6-week ban on abortion is a “terrible” thing.

Youngkin’s plan, which aims to give a roadmap on how to deal with abortion at the state and federal levels, could be risky for his national prospects as few Republican candidates in his state are supporting the 15-week limit ahead of the November elections. AdImpact, a media tracking company, found that 42% of the ads by Democratic House and Senate Candidates in Virginia aired through October 17 mention abortion. This compares to only 3% of those by Republicans.

Virginia Democrats have spent millions of dollars on advertising to argue that Youngkin’s approach is equivalent to a ban.

Susan Swecker, chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Virginia told The Post that she hoped Youngkin’s campaign would continue. “We are the only Southern State that does not ban abortion, and [protecting the access] resonates throughout the Commonwealth in all social and economic communities.”