Conservative Groups Respond to Getting Left Off SPLC ‘Hate Map’

Many conservatives are disappointed that they were not included in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s annual list of hate groups and antigovernment extremists groups.

In my book, “Making HatePay: The Corruption at the Southern Poverty Law Center”, I write that the SPLC has lost its credibility by promoting hate. The Southern Poverty Law Center gained its reputation for suing the Ku Klux Klan to bankruptcy. But it weaponized the program that it used to monitor them to label conservative and Christian groups “hate groups” and placed them on the same map as Klan chapters.

SPLC is facing a defamation suit that has reached the discovery stage. Former employee described this as a “highly lucrative scam” and some conservatives view landing on the SPLC “hate list” as a badge.

The “hate-map” contains many notable organizations such as Alliance Defending Freedom which has won numerous Supreme Court cases, Moms for Liberty which has mobilized a parenting rights movement throughout the United States, prominent immigration groups like the Federation for American Immigration Reform, the Center for Immigration Studies, and many others.


The SPLC claims that some of these groups advised Donald Trump during his presidency, but they still call them “antigovernment” or “hateful” fringe groups because they disagree with the SPLC on issues such as education, LGBTQ rights, immigration and other causes.

Rabbi Yaakov Meken, the managing director of Coalition for Jewish Values which represents over 2,000 Orthodox Jewish Rabbis in American Public Policy, joked that he felt crestfallen when he saw the latest “hate-map.”

Menken said to The Daily Signal that she had called the addition of these groups last year. “I was very offended,” Menken said. “CJV supports parental rights, religious freedom, and traditional values. Why won’t they include us on their hate list?”

It is notable that the SPLC has not included the New Tolerance Campaign on its “hate map.”

In a statement released Wednesday, New Tolerance Campaign president Gregory Angelo said that the SPLC hate and extremist list included a group of lawyers who argued before the Supreme Court and an Irving Kristol award winner. It also included a former brain surgeon and Cabinet Secretary. It’s obvious that the New Tolerance Campaign must step up its game to be considered for the list next year.

Angelo referred to Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), Charles Murray the scholar, and Ben Carson the neurosurgeon, who was appointed secretary of Housing and Urban Development by the Trump administration in 2017. The SPLC placed both Murray and Carson on its “extremist” list, even though they don’t appear in the “hate-map.” (The SPLC removed Carson’s name from the list back in 2015).

Angelo cited the “hate map”, which was created by the SPLC, as the source of an act of domestic terror.

“Southern Poverty Law Center has committed acts of domestic terror, but this extremist group claims sanctimoniously to know what hate is?” Penny Nance is the CEO and President of Concerned Women for America. She told The Daily Signal that it was a “pathetic joke”.

Nance stated that “CWA was in SPLC’s crosshairs before, but it appears they are unable to keep track of all Americans who believe God, Faith, Family and our Constitutional Principles,” Nance. “We still represent the majority of Americans, no matter what SPLC does to defame and shame us.”

Nance was referring a shooting that occurred in 2012. After finding Family Research Council, an organization that is conservative Christian and based in Washington, D.C., on the SPLC’s “hate map,” a terrorist planned to shoot up the building manager, who foiled his plan but was wounded. SPLC has condemned the attack, but Family Research Council remains on its “hate list” since.

Since 2010, the SPLC has repeatedly attacked Concerned Women for America (CWA) as “anti-gay”, but it has never placed the group on a “hate list.”

Jennifer Lahl of the Center for Bioethics and Culture Network noted that prominent gender-based critics such as her have been placed on the “hate maps.”

The SPLC released its 2023 “hate-map” on Tuesday. It includes groups of doctors that oppose transgender experimental medical interventions, euphemistically called “gender-affirming treatment.” These include the doctor groups Do No Harm and Genspect as well as Partners for Ethical Care and the Society for Evidence-Based Medicine or SEGM.

Lahl, The Daily Signal, said: “I find it very confusing who the SPLC chooses as hate groups to be included on their map.” What is the exact selection criteria?

Lahl explained that “our organization has produced three documentary films focused on the debate surrounding medicalizing those who believe they may have been born into the wrong body.” Our book, ‘The Detransition Diaries,’ highlights the history and scandal of “gender affirmation therapies” and dares those who have been detransitioned a voice to tell their stories.

She added, “Perhaps our efforts have been under-reported and we need to be more vocal in calling out medical professionals for their actions so that we can earn our badge of honour.” “I’d be delighted to join the ranks of SEGM Genspect and Do No Harm.”

The Biden administration does not appear to be amused. SPLC staff and leaders have visited the White House 18 times or more under President Joe Biden. Multiple federal agencies, including the Justice Department and Department of Education, received briefings from the hate group on “hate”.

The Biden Administration should recognize what conservatives have known for years: the SPLC’s hate map is nothing more than a political tool to defame and raise money. It’s a joke, and got worse when the SPLC listed an openly homosexual group as one of the “anti-LGBTQ+ hatred groups.”

It seems that the administration is lacking in humor.