Democrat Cori Bush Slammed Over Tweet About Michael Brown On 9th Anniversary Of His Attack On Cop

Rep. Cori bush (D-MO), who is a Democrat, received backlash on social media on Wednesday for a false tweet that was meant to incite anger on the nineth anniversary of the attack by Michael Brown on a policeman. The officer retaliated and killed him.

Bush stated that today marks the 9th anniversary since Mike Brown was killed. He would still be alive if racism and white supremacy had been eradicated. He should still be alive. We will never forget. “We will continue to fight justice and accountability.”

The Department of Justice of former President Barack Obama concluded that there were no credible facts to refute Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson’s claim that he fired Brown when Brown attacked him in his police car. Wilson had been called to the scene after Brown was reported to have stolen from a shop and attacked a clerk.

The report stated that “Brown’s DNA was found inside the SUV, on Wilson’s collar shirt and in the trajectory of the bullet and the close-range wound to Brown’s right hand. This establishes Brown’s arms or torso being inside the SUV.” Brown was 6’5″ tall and weighed almost 300 pounds.

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Washington’s warning to Christians
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The report stated: “As described throughout this report by several witnesses, Brown appeared to be a physical danger to Wilson while he was moving toward Wilson.” According to these witnesses who were corroborated by the blood evidence on the road, Wilson shot at Brown as he continued to move towards Wilson in what appeared to self-defense, and stopped shooting once Brown fell to his knees.

Dana Loesch, radio host, responded to Bush by saying, “He wouldn’t be alive today, if he hadn’t chosen to steal from the convenience store. The owner called police and police stopped him. At that point, Brown CHOSE TO attack a police officer and try to grab his gun, which Eric Holders DOJ concluded in its forensics reports. Stop YOUR shameful, racist rewriting of the facts.”

Matt Walsh, host of the Daily Wire podcast, said: “This just goes to show that the Left is playing the long game.” The whole Michael Brown story has been proven to be a hoax, but they’ll keep repeating this year after year and year again until we tire of it or the truth is forgotten.