Democrats hammer House GOP over national sales tax proposal

Democrats have criticized a deal House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-CA, made with conservative hardliners to vote for a bill that would abolish the tax code and replace income taxes by a national sales tax of 30%.

McCarthy agreed to allow Rep. McCarthy agreed to give Rep. In exchange for a national sales tax of 30%, the bill would repeal the IRS, eliminate national income, payroll and corporate taxes, as well as abolishing the IRS. The legislation would also send “prebate” checks out to low-income families.

In the 1990s, conservative radio discussed the idea of replacing the IRS code by a sales tax. It is still being floated today but has never been voted on in either chamber.

In a Monday speech, President Joe Biden attacked this proposal. “National sales tax is a wonderful idea. He stated that it would increase taxes on the middle classes by taxing thousands more everyday items such as groceries and gas while lowering taxes for the wealthy.

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Biden made a distinction on the legislation. Let me clarify: If any of these bills make it to mine, I will veto them. He said, “I will flat veto they.”

The proposal is being used by a growing number of Democrats as a political tool. Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D–WA), chairwoman of Congressional Progressive Caucus stated in a tweet that the plan “slashes taxes for rich Americans and places that burden on poor and working-class families.”

Rep. Don Beyer (D.VA) also criticised the House speaker’s deal and called McCarthy corrupt. He tweeted, “They repeal taxes for billionaires while you pay 30% higher for gas, food, and so on.”

On Wednesday, Sen. Chris Murphy (D.CT) repeatedly attacked Republicans for the plan, writing on Twitter: “Inflation falling quickly.” It seems like the right time to push for a new 30% national sales tax.

The bill was signed by eleven co-signers, including Reps. Kat Cammack and Jeff Duncan (R–SC), Bob Good (R–VA), Andrew Clyde(R-GA), Scott Perry (R–PA), chairman of conservative House Freedom Caucus.

The legislation is supported by those who believe it to be a better system, as it doesn’t penalize those who make more money.