DOJ hiding hundreds of Hunter Biden, James Biden records, lawyer claims

According to a Monday report, a Colorado lawyer claims that the Justice Department is trying conceal hundreds of documents “potentially responsive” about gifts Hunter Biden received from his uncle James Biden. The documents were related to gifts Hunter Biden received from contacts in China Russia, Ukraine and Ukraine.

Kevin Evans sued Justice Department in March, after he claimed that the agency had failed to comply with his Freedom of Information Act request. The Daily Mail reported that Evans sought records on Joe Biden’s overseas business relationships.

Evans stated that he was looking for documents “pertaining any relationship, communication or gift(s) and/or remuneration of any kind” from China, Russia, or Ukraine.

He stated that federal government lawyers admitted to having at most 400 pages of “potentially relevant” documents in court, but now say they cannot “confirm nor deny” the existence of the records.

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Evans said to the Daily Mail that they eventually produced 60 pages of documents. However, these are all letters from senators asking about Hunter and letters from DOJ back.

“Then, towards the end last year, they said, “Well, we have these 400 pages potentially responsive documents, you need to review them,” Evans claimed the lawyers told Evans, an assertion Evans stated the government repeatedly made in court.

Evans stated that the government returned with the “neither confirm or deny” response after a few months.

Evans stated that he first filed a FOIA request in November 2020, after learning about Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings with China and Ukraine. The Post broke the news in October.

The Post’s exposé on Hunter Biden’s business relationships was based upon emails and messages that were found on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which he left at a Wilmington computer repair shop in April 2019.

Evans stated that he believes the government will do everything necessary to keep the information secret.

He told the publication that he was confident that the FOIA privacy exemptions will be considered in summary judgment to save them from having to produce the documents.

“But they shouldn’t in this instance, especially when they’ve disclosed that potentially responsive documents exist and made it public.”

Evans stated that the Jan. 9 hearing for the status of the case will be Evans’s last.

Senator Chuck Grassley (Republican from Iowa) stated that James Biden is the focus of investigators who are examining Hunter Biden’s business deals.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R.Wis.), and Senator Grassley released a September 2020 report on the Bidens business pursuits.

Two senators released documents in April that delved deeper into the business ties of the Biden family.

According to the documents, Hunter Biden and Jim Biden were paid monthly $100,000 and $65,000 respectively as part of an August 2017 consultation agreement between Gongwen Dong (a top CEFC China Energy official) and their first son.

The documents also show that Jim Biden’s company The Lion Hall Group received payments directly from Hudson West III. Hudson West III was a company owned jointly at the time by Hunter Biden and Coldharbour Capital LLC. Johnson and Grassley linked Dong to their September 2020 report.

“We have people with Biden names dealing with Chinese businesspeople that have a connection to the Communist Party,” Grassley stated at the time. It’s extremely concerning, I think.