Florida venue cancels Marjorie Taylor Greene event after learning of its Jan. 6 focus

After learning that the event was meant to commemorate Jan. 6, 2020, the third anniversary, a central Florida venue canceled the event.

The Republican Party of Osceola County was to host the event at Westgate Resorts Kissimmee. The event was initially pitched to Westgate Resorts as a small signing featuring Greene without mentioning Jan. 6.

Westgate Resorts issued a statement saying that it was unaware of the reason for this book signing when approached by Westgate to host one. This event has been cancelled and will no longer be held at our resort.

Greene declined to comment on the cancellation when asked by NBC News about her reaction, Greene was in Iowa for an event with former President Donald Trump.


I don’t really understand what you are asking. It makes no sense. Were we not talking about Trump? She asked, “Aren’t we talking about Iowa?”

According to the invitation, local Republicans were invited to “Exclusive Event with Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene at Westgate Resorts”, which was reported first by NBC News.

The “Occasion”, as stated in the event details, was the “3rd anniversary of January 6.”

Costs ranged from $45 up to $1,000 for Greene to be present and to “receive an autographed copy of her book.”

Greene, who has supported Donald Trump in his belief that the 2020 elections were stolen from him for years, has minimized the seriousness of the attack on Jan. 6, which resulted in five deaths and approximately 140 injuries to police officers. Greene claimed in 2022 that if she had organized the riots that day, they would have been “armed” and “winned.”

She said, “I’ll tell you this: If Steve Bannon, and I, had organized it, we would have won. Not to mention that it would have been armed.” Greene said that her remarks were “sarcasm.”

Democrats in the state were immediately against an event to commemorate Jan. 6.

Anna Eskamani, a Democratic State Rep. from Florida, posted on X: “Just another day here in Florida. The local Republican Party of Osceola county is holding an ‘anniversary event’ to mark the 6th of January and Marjorie Taylor Green will be the’special guest’.” “I was hoping that this was a joke at first.”

Mark Cross, the chairman of Osceola County Republican Party, did not respond to a comment request. It is therefore unclear if this event has been rescheduled.