George Soros’ Son Takes Over Multi-Billion Dollar Empire

The Wall Street Journal reported that George Soros, a left-wing megadonor, told his son Alexander Soros, 37, to take control of the financier’s $25 billion empire.

Soros, the 92-year-old hedge fund manager, who made his fortune in the global bond, stock and currency markets during economic and political changes, has become a major supporter of leftist issues through his nonprofit Open Society Foundations.

According to reports, the foundation gives approximately $1.5 billion per year to organizations, universities and political action groups worldwide. George Soros is known for funding political action committees that elect reform-minded district attorney and law enforcement officials.

He had previously stated that he would not permit one of his children to take control of the organization. Soros changed his mind reportedly after his son Alex was confirmed to be in charge of the group. The group has funded many leftist activist groups and educational organizations around the globe.

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Soros said to the Journal, “He has earned it.” “We are the same.”

Alex told the outlet that he would be more political than his father, and would expand his father’s vision of a more liberalized society.

Alex replied, “I’m a more political person.”

Alex, who recently met with Biden Administration officials, Democratic legislators, and other leaders, such as Brazil’s Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva and Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggested that the organization would have a significant role in the presidential race of 2024.

He said that, “as much as I’d love to make money from politics, as long the other side does it, we have to do it too.”

The New York Post reported that according to Federal Election Commission documents, Alex contributed $726,900 for the Biden Victory fund in 2020 and has donated approximately $11,000,000 to left-wing political action committees since 2010.

Alex, however, said that Democratic politicians must broaden their appeal and be “more patriotic and inclusive” in order to increase Latino and Black voter turnout.

He said that just because someone votes for Trump, it doesn’t make them a racist or a loser.

He plans to use his foundation to advocate for abortion and voting rights as well as gender-based issues, believing that colleges and other public places have become too restrictive in terms of freedom of speech.

He said, “I’m not the same as my generation when it comes to freedom of speech and other issues. I grew up watching Bill Maher every night before going to bed.”

According to Reuters the Open Society Foundations Board elected Alex as their chairman at the end 2022.

Elon Musk, the billionaire Elon Musk, tweeted in response to Sunday’s news that Alex had been “defacto in charge” for several years.

Musk tweeted: “If @AlexanderSoros takes freedom of speech seriously, we share a common ground.” Musk tweeted: “But destroying the public’s safety by electing D.A.s that won’t prosecute violent crimes needs to stop.”

Musk tweeted recently that George Soros reminded of Marvel’s “Magneto” who is known for being able to create and control magnetic field.

Musk apologized for his post after receiving criticism. Magneto was treated unfairly.

Musk stated that “he wants to destroy the fabric of civilisation.” “Soros is against humanity.”