GOP asks for records from Biden’s family on business deals

The House Republicans requested documents from Hunter, James Biden and their foreign business dealings on Thursday. This further escalated an extensive investigation into the president’s family.

Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Rep. James Comer sent letters to Hunter Biden, President Joe’s son; James Biden’s brother; and their former business manager, seeking documents and communications relating to foreign business pursuits with “individuals who were connected to Chinese Communist Party.”

Comer stated in a statement that President Biden could be compromised by foreign adversaries, and this would pose a threat to national safety.

These letters represent the latest action taken by Republicans to pursue the Biden family for “influence peddling,” although they have not produced any evidence.

These broad requests cover any record “designated confidential” as well as communications between James Biden, the president, and Sara Jones Biden (his wife), starting Jan. 20, 2009 regarding travel and financial activities.

Hunter Biden’s lawyer dismissed the request on Thursday, claiming that Comer was trying to sell his “inaccurate conclusions and baseless conclusions” under the pretense of an investigation.

Attorney Abbe Lowell sent a letter to this committee explaining that his Letter was a broad attempt to collect a vast array of documents and communications from President Biden and the family.

Soon after taking control of the House, Republicans led by Jim Jordan of Ohio and Comer launched a series extensive inquiries into the family of President Obama. They sent records requests to almost every government agency.

Comer used the power of the Republican House majority last month to request information from the Treasury Department regarding suspicious financial transactions made by members of the Biden families. These reports are routine and larger transactions are automatically flagged to government. They are not evidence of misconduct.

The Kentucky Republican requested a transcript of a conversation with Georges Berges (an art dealer who has been showing Hunter Biden’s work at Los Angeles and New York galleries since 2021), weeks later. The younger Biden was allegedly trading in his father’s name, so he requested communication between the gallery and White House.

On Wednesday, ex-Twitter executives testified before Congress regarding the company’s initial decision to block Twitter from an October 2020 New York Post article about the contents on a laptop owned by Hunter Biden.

During an intense and long hearing, the former employees admitted that Twitter had made a mistake in blocking a story about President Trump’s son. However, they resisted Republican claims that they had been pressed by law enforcement and Democrats to suppress the story.