Graham rips Biden administration’s approach to Iran being ‘about as successful as their border policy’

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, slammed Joe Biden’s administration for its policy on Iran and the Southern Border. Both policies leave the United States vulnerable.

Graham discussed on Fox News America Reports his concerns with the Biden Administration’s policies in the wake of the war that began Saturday, after Hamas terrorists murdered and kidnapped dozens.

“To the Biden Administration, your appeasement policy toward Iran does not work. Shut up, Squad. You are emboldening your enemy. You’re siding with terrorists against the democracy called Israel. Here, you have lost perspective. I’m confident that most Democrats don’t agree with the Squad. Bottom line, Biden and Obama have appeased Iran to the point that we are at today. If you let Putin continue his actions and pull the plug on Ukraine, he won’t stop. “We will be at war with NATO and Russia,” Graham stated.

The South Carolina Republican said the Biden administration’s border policy exposes the U.S. to a possible “major terrorist act” and that its policy towards Iran could lead to an “escalation” in the Israel-Iran conflict.


“We can reset the world, defeat Putin in Ukraine, demolish Hamas and warn the Iranians that if they escalate any further attacks from Iran, China will invade Taiwan. We are living in dangerous times. Biden’s policy towards Iran is as successful as the border policy. “We are at risk of a terrorist attack if the border is open. We’re also exposed to an escalation in tensions if we do not tell Iran to stand down.” Graham said.

Israel declared war on Hamas shortly after its attacks, in which more than 700 Israelis were killed, for the first time since 1973.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Iran had been directly involved in the planning of the first attacks against Israel by Hamas.