House GOP looks to get ahead of Biden address with debt limit demands and balloon criticism

The House Republican counter-messaging in advance of President Biden’s State of the Union address Tuesday is now fully underway. This will be his first attempt to unify a divided government under the new House GOP majority.

This is being fuelled by the Chinese balloon, debt limit demands and investigations into Biden’s family.

On Tuesday night, Kevin McCarthy (R.Calif.), who is dancing with Biden about raising the debt limit, demanded spending cuts as a condition, gave an address on the debt ceiling.

McCarthy was able to get ahead of President Obama, who will likely talk about the devastating economic consequences if Congress doesn’t raise the debt limit before June 1.

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McCarthy stated in a 10-minute speech that “the greatest threat to our future” was our national debt.

Last week, McCarthy and Biden met for the first time to discuss the debt limit. Biden asked for a “clean” debt ceiling increase that is not tied to any other conditions.

McCarthy stated in his speech that the debt limit was used for decades to push spending reforms. This includes by Biden, who was a senator during two decades of debt fights.

“We are already changing government behavior.” McCarthy stated that McCarthy had spoken out against the runaway spending of the past few years. “Now, we need to return Washington back to the fundamental truth that debt matters. Congress must change its course on the debt limit.

Biden could be given some relief from the GOP jabs and a cooling inflation that leads to unemployment falling to its lowest point in 52 years, if this happens.

House Republicans aren’t giving up on economic issues. The Ways and Means Committee held a field hearing on Petersburg, W.Va.’s problems with the economy. Chairman Jason Smith (R. Mo.) Chairman Jason Smith (R-Mo.) lamented “high energy costs, declining real wages and labor shortages as well as spikes in interest rates” and other problems facing the Biden administration.

A Chinese spy balloon is now a potential threat to the defense and foreign policy decisions of Biden. The balloon flew across the continent of the United States before it was shot down off South Carolina’s coast on Saturday.

“Clearly, the president taking down the Atlantic is… sorta like tackling the quarterback following a game,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner (R. Ohio) stated on Sunday’s “Meet the Press”. “The satellite had successfully completed its mission. It should not have been allowed into the United States and should never have been allowed on its mission.

Rep. Joe Wilson (R.S.C.), called for Biden and Vice President Harris’ resignations over the handling of the balloon.

Lloyd Austin, Defense Secretary, stated that Biden authorized the military’s takedown of the balloon on Wednesday. Officials waited to drop it over water to ensure it would not injure any Americans.

Politico reported that Republicans were considering bringing up a resolution condemning Biden’s inaction on the balloon. This resolution could be introduced on the same day of the State of the Union address. Members confirmed that a resolution was being discussed, but no vote had been scheduled as of Monday evening.

Biden’s address will be the subject of investigations into his administration and his family.

The committee will host a hearing Tuesday with Border Patrol agents. This hearing will highlight the “crisis” at the border and the policies of the Biden administration.

Other GOP members tried to focus on the border this week, too. Rep. John Joyce (R. Pa.), linked illegal migration to fentanyl-overdoses.

Joyce stated on Monday that President Biden should address the crisis that has claimed thousands of lives in Pennsylvania. He should also offer a concrete solution to secure our borders and stop these unnecessary American deaths.

The House Oversight and Accountability Committee will focus its attention on Twitter’s decision not to allow the New York Post to publish a story about the contents on a hard drive owned by Hunter Biden, the son of the president. This hearing is part of an investigation into James Comer, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee (R-Ky.), calling “influence peddling” by Biden’s family. It will also question whether Biden knew anything about his family’s foreign business dealings.

Americans deserve answers on this attack against the First Amendment. Big Tech and the Swamp conspired to suppress this information about the Biden family, which was selling access for profit. In a statement, Comer stated that accountability is on the horizon.

Before Biden’s speech, there will be some floor messaging by Republicans.

The U.S. Constitution will be read aloud to the House floor on Tuesday morning. This is according to McCarthy’s election-season plan to read the document on the floor. However, it will not be the promised first day in the 118th Congress.