Hunter Biden investigation: GOP chairmen subpoena FBI and IRS over ‘slow-walked’ inquiry

On Monday, two Republican chairmen subpoenaed FBI and IRS officials to testify before Congress regarding the Department of Justice investigation of Hunter Biden. This escalated a battle over investigators’ access.

In letters that accompanied the subpoenas obtained by The Washington Examiner they wrote that the officials believed they had information regarding a crucial meeting attended last year by David Weiss as the lead prosecutor for Biden.

The FBI sent two subpoenas to special agents Thomas Sobocinski, and Ryeshia Holey who are based in the Baltimore Field Office.

Jordan, the person who issued the two subpoenas said that the pair had been responsible for overseeing the activities in the Wilmington Resident Office where the investigation of Biden was conducted.

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Jordan also said that they both attended the meeting in October 2022 about which two IRS whistleblowers gave testimony in May. Whistleblowers claimed that Weiss told them at the meeting that he did not have the final say on whether or not to charge Biden. Weiss denied this later.

Smith sent the other two subpoenas to IRS Director of field operations Michael Batdorf, and IRS Special Agent-in-Charge Darrell Waldon. Both, Smith claimed, had important information about the Oct. 7 meeting.

Smith, in a letter to Jordan, wrote that Congress is continuing its investigation into Weiss’s five-year-old inquiry into Biden. He also made allegations that the inquiry was “purposely slow-paced and subjected improper and politically-motivated interference.”

Biden was under scrutiny from both the DOJ as well as Congress due to concerns over his past foreign dealings, and whether or not he used his father Joe Biden who was Vice President at the time in an inappropriate manner.

Weiss led the DOJ inquiry that almost ended with a plea agreement wherein the younger Biden would have pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges of tax and entered into a pre-trial diversion to avoid a felony charge of gun.

The agreement fell apart at a July plea hearing when a federal court judge expressed concerns over the provisions of the agreement, such as whether they would grant Hunter Biden protection from future charges. Weiss and the lawyers for the younger Biden, who have recently requested to be appointed special counsel, are now at an impasse over the agreement, which court filings describe as “an impasse”. A trial could be imminent.

House Republicans continue to pursue their own investigation of the Bidens and the DOJ’s handling the long-running inquiry.

Jordan has also sought to speak to 11 officials from the DOJ and FBI. This includes the two mentioned above, whom he believes have relevant information. Smith also had a similar exchange with the IRS. Both chairmen were met with resistance – largely due to the DOJ’s claim that its investigation was ongoing.

The chairmen stated that, despite their “good faith” efforts to have the IRS and DOJ officials willingly meet with them for interviews, both departments failed to provide Congress with a satisfactory explanation.

The DOJ declined comment.

In a press release, the IRS stated: “We are committed in proceeding in a way that is consistent with our legal obligation to taxpayers and our employees and also ensures integrity in investigations and litigation pending.” We will continue to dialogue with the committee, and we’ll work hard to find a balance between these important considerations.

Subpoenas were issued to Sobocinski Holley Batdorf and Waldon, requiring them to attend depositions between Sept. 7, 11 and 12, respectively.