Jamaal Bowman Held Fundraiser with Hamas-Sympathizing Muslim Leader Disavowed by White House

House “squad member” Jamaal Bowman, (D. N.Y.), held a fundraising event with a Hamas sympathizing Muslim leader. The White House had disavowed him after he celebrated Israel’s brutal attack on October 7.

The New York Post reported that Nihad Awad co-hosted an event at a Fairfax, Va. private residence for Bowman, last week.

Awad tweeted to announce the event, “Dear friends in Northern Virginia Maryland and DC Area,” read Awad. This evening, at 7pm, we will be holding a fundraiser to support Congressman Jamal Bowman. Bowman is a fervent defender of Palestinians rights who has been targeted by AIPAC and its affiliated groups.

Awad, at the 16th Annual Convention for Palestine on Chicago’s 24th November, defended the October 7 massacre by claiming that it was a powerful demonstration of Palestinian resistance. This is according to a video circulated by Middle East Media Research Institute.

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Awad stated that “the people of Gaza decided to break the wall of the concentration camps — the siege — only on October 7.” “Yes, I was glad to see people break the siege. They threw down the chains of their own land. And they walked free in their land which they had been forbidden to walk into.”

“Yes, the people of Gaza do have a right to self defense — they have a right to defend themselves. Israel, as an occupier power, does not have the right to self defense,” he said.

The White House has cancelled its collaborations with CAIR (Awads’ organization) to combat religious hatred in the U.S.

The Post reported that White House deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates said, “We condemn these shocking antisemitic remarks in the strongest possible terms.” The Post reported that “the horrific, brutal terrorist acts committed by Hamas in October 7th are, as President Biden stated, ‘abhorrent,’ and represent an ‘unadulterated’ evil…The atrocities on that day shock our conscience, which means we cannot forget the pain Hamas caused to so many innocents.”

The White House removed CAIR from its list of solidarity groups that it had recruited to fight antisemitism within the U.S.

Bowman, a vocal critic of Israel who has been a long-time supporter of the Palestinian cause, slammed this week the police for interfering in Columbia protests which led to activists barricading a building and breaking windows. The university president said that the students had brought the unrest into an unacceptable point and required police to remove protesters.

Bowman, who is a teacher with first-hand experience of the over-policing in our schools, tweeted: “I’m outraged at the level police presence demanded upon nonviolent students protesting on Columbia and CCNY campuses.” As an educator with first-hand experience of the overpolicing in our schools, I take this personally.

Bowman condemned the “militarization” of campuses, the extensive police presence and the arrest of hundreds students. He also accused the administration of a “dangerous escalate.”

Bowman, along with his progressive colleagues from Congress, is a staunch opponent of Israel and the U.S. support for Israel in its ongoing campaign to destroy Hamas. Politico reported that resurfaced video from November seemed to show Bowman referring to the Hamas terrorists’ mass sexual violence against Israeli women as “propaganda”. Bowman retracted his remarks after the video was released.

Bowman was censured by House members last year after he falsely triggered a fire alarm in a congressional building to delay the vote on spending. In October, he was charged with misdemeanors for falsely pulling the fire alarm in a congressional office building. He denied that he did so with the intent to obstruct any congressional proceedings. He paid a fine of $1,000 and pleaded guilty.