Jim Jordan Seeks Testimony from Manhattan Prosecutors Who Resigned over Stalled Trump Probe

Rep. Jim Jordan (R.OH), chairman of the Judiciary Committee, requested Wednesday that two former Manhattan prosecutors, who resigned last year in protest against the Manhattan district attorney’s office, testify before Congress. He also asked for documents related to the long-running investigation into former President Donald Trump.

Carey Dunne, Mark Pomerantz received each letter from Jordan, which was obtained by Breitbart News. He accused the pair of “resurrecting” Trump’s probe after they quit last year because Bragg had doubts about the case.

Jordan wrote, “It seems that your efforts have succeeded in shame Bragg as he is reportedly resurrecting an so-called “zombie” case against President Trump using some tenuous and untested legal theory.”

These letters are being circulated amid speculation that Trump could be indicted soon in connection to a decades-old hush cash scheme involving Stormy Daniels, porn star, and Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen.

When the Truth Gets Out

Lt. Gen. Flynn here. I know how to get revenge after what they did to Trump. There’s a Democrat under indictment that we need to defeat, Henry Cuellar. This district is RIPE for the flipping. And given it’s a majority Latino district, I’ve partnered with Latinos for America First to help us get the Republican candidate, Jay Furman, elected this November. Are you on board?

When the Truth Gets Out
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On Saturday, the possibility of a historic indictment became a major topic when Trump posted on Truth Social that he was expecting to be arrested on Saturday for charges connected to the case.

Jordan and others reached Bragg shortly thereafter to seek testimony from Bragg. They claimed that Bragg’s decision to reduce certain criminal penalties when he assumed office “requires congressional scrutiny” as he may have failed to maintain an adequate level of law and/or order while using federal grant money.

Jordan made the same argument to Bragg as to Dunne, Pomerantz that the “apparent determination to pursue criminal charges when federal authorities declined to do otherwise requires oversight to inform potential legislative Reforms about delineation and prosecutorial authority between local and federal officials.”

Jordan told Breitbart News that he hadn’t heard from Bragg at the time of publication. He gave the district attorney until Thursday for a response.

Jordan gave Dunne & Pomerantz until Monday for them to give him the documents and schedule their testimony. He also asked that they do so through transcribed interviews with Congress.

According to the New York Times, Dunne and Pomerantz abruptly resigned last January shortly after Bragg was elected. The Times reported at first that two people with knowledge of the matter said that Dunne and Pomerantz quit following Bragg’s refusal to allow them to continue with the ongoing Trump investigation.

Later, Pomerantz’s resignation letters appeared in the outlet. It stated that Pomerantz believed Trump was guilty of “many felony violations” related his financial statements. Bragg was informed by Pomerantz that he had decided to quit because he felt Bragg’s decision to suspend the investigation into Trump at the time was “misguided.”

Jordan wrote that Pomerantz had “unfairly disparaged Trump as a felon to millions of Times readers” in his actions as a special prosecutor as well as since leaving the District Attorney’s office.