Joe Biden Is Funding Border Security In Foreign Countries As U.S. Border Exceeds Record Numbers

According to reports, President Joe Biden spends hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money on border security in other countries. This is because the U.S. – Mexico border experiences record crossings every day.

Biden signed last week a budget of $1.2 trillion, which included $380 millions for “enhanced borders security” projects to be implemented in Egypt, Jordan Lebanon, Oman and Tunisia. 150 million dollars of this must go to border protection in Jordan.

In fiscal years 2022-2023, Border Patrol agents have reported that over 2 million illegal immigrants have been apprehended on the southern border. However, 140,000 of them are known to be escaping.

Mark Green, the House Homeland Security chairman (R-TN), said that at least 20% of the recorded number of escaped criminals is an undercount.


The budget does not allow the Department of Homeland Security to build a border wall along the U.S. Mexico border in order to prevent illegal aliens from entering the country.

Since Biden’s election in 2021, more than 7 million illegal immigrants have made the U.S. home.

RJ Hauman, with the National Immigration Center for Enforcement(NICE), told Breitbart News that the Biden administration wanted nothing more than to be able to’manage an invasion’ here at home while also helping other nations build walls. Make it make sense.

Comparatively, during the tenure of former President Trump, he constructed at least 458-miles of border wall and implemented ground sensing technologies, drones and other tech in order to reduce illegal immigration.

Jason Owens, the U.S. Border Patrol Chief, criticized the Biden administration for refusing the close the southern border.

Why are they hiding?” What are they hiding? What do they bring in? What’s their intention? What is their intent? These things are the real threat to our community.