Justice Department sues Texas over law to let police arrest illegal immigrants

On Wednesday, the Justice Department filed a suit against Texas for a state statute that allows authorities to arrest illegal aliens. This lawsuit pitted Republican Governor Rick Perry against the Justice Department. Greg Abbott and the Biden Administration are at odds about how to deal with the escalating border crisis.

The lawsuit was filed in a federal court in Austin after Abbott signed a law challenging the authority of the federal government over immigration issues last month. Biden is not the only blue city to have taken a stand against Abbott. New York, Chicago and other blue cities also reacted to his decision to bus thousands of migrants from his state into their jurisdictions.

The lawsuit states that “the United States brought this action in order to preserve its exclusive federal law authority to regulate entry and removal of Noncitizens,” Texas cannot run its immigration system. The state’s SB 4 attempts to interfere with the federal government’s exclusive jurisdiction over the entry and removal noncitizens frustrate U.S. immigration operations and procedures, and interfere in U.S. international relations.

Texas is also involved in a separate legal battle regarding the installation of razor-wire on the Rio Grande, as well as a floating barricade that has angered Mexican officials.

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Put a boot up Congress’ A$$
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According to Texas law, migrants can either accept a judge’s order to leave or face prosecution on charges of misdemeanor illegal entry. If they are arrested again, those who refuse to leave the country could be charged with serious felonies.

Even if the person is not a Mexican citizen, they will be sent to ports along the border. It is possible to enforce the law anywhere in Texas, but certain places like schools and churches are off limits.

Fox News Digital has contacted Abbott’s office.

The Justice Department threatened legal action against Abbott last week if Texas did not change its course. Abbott responded by posting on X, “The Biden administration not only refuses enforcement of current U.S. Immigration laws, but they also want to stop Texas enforcing the laws against illegal immigrants.”

The Governor has repeatedly accused Biden of failing to address border issues amid record numbers crossing into the United States. The bussing plan has angered Democrats from blue cities who claim their jurisdictions do not have enough resources to take care of the migrants they receive.

The number of illegal crossings at the southern U.S. Border topped 10,000 in several days during December. U.S. Customs and Border Patrol commissioner Troy Miller described this as “unprecedented”. U.S. authorities also closed the cargo rail crossings between Eagle Pass and El Paso last month for five days, claiming it was in response to many migrants who were riding freight trains from Mexico to the U.S. Border.