McCarthy, GOP pump brakes on release of Jan. 6 footage to Tucker Carlson

House Republicans are putting the brakes on Jan. 6 surveillance footage that they offered to Tucker Carlson on Fox News. They’re also taking offense at Democrats who have spent the last week criticizing the move.

Republican leaders insist that no clips will broadcast without security clearance, while Democrats accuse Democrats of failing to take the same precautions last year during the House select committee investigation — a charge which the Democrats quickly dismissed.

Fox’s most popular conservative pundit Carlson said last week that he would start airing footage from Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol Riot after Speaker Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), gave him “unfettered” access to more than 40,000.

After days of silence, McCarthy and other Republicans made it clear Tuesday that Carlson’s team would not be given any information, let alone broadcast publically, on the subject. However, the footage will still be screened to ensure it does not compromise security at the Capitol Complex.

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The Speaker stated that Republicans were working with the U.S. Capitol Police in order to make sure this is the case.

“It’s many hours more tape than we were ever taught. It was 14,000 hours, they said. It’s about 42,000 hours. That is what we are working on. McCarthy said that McCarthy also works with the Capitol Police, so they’ll ensure security is taken care.” McCarthy spoke to reporters at the Capitol.

McCarthy stated that Carlson wanted to see certain parts, but that Fox News’s host had specifically stated that they don’t want to see the “exit routes”.

McCarthy stated, “They don’t want to be involved in it.” McCarthy stated that they don’t want to do so.

McCarthy’s statement was made in response to Jan. 6’s select committee that aired footage of Mike Pence, then-Vice President, leaving the Senate chamber following rioters storming into the Capitol. This failed attempt by Congress to stop President Biden from being certified as elected had been unsuccessful.

Pence’s entire route out of Capitol was not shown in the footage. Members of the investigative Committee said that they cleared each clip with Capitol Police leaders before broadcasting them.

“What we showed the public was video that had been vetted by general counsel and the chief of Capitol Police,” Rep. Bennie Thompson (D.Miss. The Jan. 6 committee was dissolved chairman, Thompson told reporters Tuesday. “We did not push anything that we believed would violate any aspect of security in this area.

McCarthy cast doubt on McCarthy’s narrative by stating that members of the Capitol Police force informed him directly that not all footage filmed at the Jan. 6 select Committee was screened.

McCarthy stated that McCarthy was told by the Capitol Police that they had not consulted with them on certain routes at times.

The Capitol Police did no immediate respond to a request for comment.

McCarthy stated that he expected security footage to be widely distributed “as soon possible”, but did not specify the format.

McCarthy stated to The Hill that he had not spoken with Carlson personally about Jan. 6 footage.

McCarthy also criticised the Jan.6 select committee for airing clips showing his staff being evacuated from his office wings.

“They came in and showed our office because they had a camera in the office.” McCarthy said McCarthy that they never spoke to anyone about it after McCarthy was subpoenaed to answer questions by the Jan. 6 select Committee.

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, (Republican-La.). Concerns were also raised about the Jan. 6, select committee’s release of footage, which pointed to Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who was filming a documentary at a secure location that congressional leaders were kept during riot.

Democrats are also pointing fingers and voicing doubts about Republicans adopting strong security protocols. They share the footage of Carlson with Carlson. Carlson has downplayed violence on Jan. 6, and promoted conspiracy theories that Trump’s political enemies orchestrated the riot.

Thompson stated that his office had requested written procedures to govern how many hours of footage would be released and used.

Thompson stated, “If they don’t have anything written… then it’s a bad idea.”

Chairman of the House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight is Rep. Barry Loudermilk, R-Ga. He said that his panel continues to work through these procedures.

Loudermilk stated that they are currently preparing protocols and policies, procedures, and schedules.

Loudermilk stated that Carlson’s team has full viewing rights to the footage. He will also work with Capitol Police and the sergeant at arms to make sure that Carlson is not exposed to security threats.

Loudermilk stated that there has not been any release of tapes. It’s basically restricted access to be able view tapes. You can’t record and you can’t bring anything with. They will then request any clips they might need. We’ll then make sure there is nothing sensitive or classified — you know, escape paths.

As McCarthy struggles to win support from Republicans concerned that McCarthy lacks the conservative bona fides necessary to challenge Biden and the Washington “swamp,” the fierce debate over Jan. 6 footage and whether it is appropriate to allow Carlson exclusive access continues.

Some critics claimed that McCarthy had made a promise to them during the difficult Speaker’s vote that he would make available the entire Jan. 6 footage library in return for their support. Carlson suggested that McCarthy make a pledge to release the tapes in order to win support for his Speakership bid.

McCarthy denied this claim Tuesday. McCarthy denied that claim on Tuesday. He said that he had promised to release the footage in comments and in a fundraising message, but that it was in reference to a question he answered last month at a press conference, not because of negotiations in the Speaker’s election.

He said Tuesday, “I’m just following up on that.”

It is not clear if McCarthy’s most vocal Republican opponents — whose support he needs in order to pass legislation within a narrowly divided House – will allow a less restricted release of the footage.

Carlson, Fox’s most beloved commentator, has always been one of McCarthy’s most prominent right-wing critics. McCarthy’s decision not to share Jan. 6 footage with Carlson has been accused of coddling the speaker in order to save his political hide.

“The Speaker is s