Pelosi: Trump Has a ‘Cognitive Disorder’ — ‘He Should Never Step Foot in the White House’

Nancy Pelosi, a representative from California’s Democratic Party, said on KTTV LA “News at Six PM” Wednesday that Donald Trump was suffering from a “cognitive disorders.”

Trump said at a rally that “Nikki Haley” was his favorite candidate. You know- did you realize that they deleted all the information and evidence? They destroyed everything. All of it. Nikki Haley is responsible for security because of many things. We offered ten thousand soldiers, National Guard, or whatever she wanted. “They turned it down.”

Pelosi stated, “First, he suffers from a cognitive disorder. It wasn’t just a case of him accidentally using the wrong name. Anyone can do it. He was making an argument. More dangerous than confusing us was his accusation that we did not accept his troops. He refused to accept our troops for hours. Mitch McConnell Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi begged him to send the National Guard, but he refused. His underlings the Secretary of Army and Acting Secretary would not do it.”

She went on to say, “For many hours, people suffered. Well over 100 police officers had been injured. People died.” He then lied again about the National Guard, and not only did this incite an uprising, but it also caused people to suffer.


Pelosi said, “He created a huge problem for our nation, and he’s not above the laws.” He should pay for it. “He should never set foot in the White House again for any reason.”