Rand Paul lambasts Fauci for getting ‘treated like a president’ with taxpayer-funded security

Rand Paul, R-Ky. Sen., has expressed his outrage at the new revelations that Dr. Anthony Fauci, recently retired ex-NIAID director, is privy of a taxpayer-funded security detail.

“Jesse Watters Primetime’s” documents obtained from the U.S. Marshals Service, through a written request, described how they took over this responsibility from Department of Health & Human Services beginning in 2023.

Paul wrote to HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra asking for additional information about Fauci’s current employment status, and taxpayer-funded special benefits.

Jesse Watters, host of “Jesse Watters primetime,” said that a tip from a source led to an FOIA request being made to the U.S. The Marshals revealed Fauci’s security detail.

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According to Watters, the documents stated that Fauci’s benefits included limousine transportation.

Paul also said that Fauci has the detail and he asked HHS about it.

“HHS actually told us that they hadn’t paid for it since January. Then we found out that Fox had filed a Freedom of Information Act, and that a judge made them say that the U.S. funded it directly, even though HHS didn’t. “The Marshals funded it,” he stated.

Paul claimed that federal officials informed him that they were not directly paying for the project, but, to use the senator’s own words, “someone else is doing it, and we reimburse them.”

“It’s a horrible example of the government lying both to its representatives, and to the public.” Paul also asked why a retired man, and the only retired official that I am aware of who gets treated this way is a former President.

“I have no idea as to why this bureaucrat has a limousine driver on his security detail.”

Paul asked aloud whether Fauci would also receive pro bono legal assistance in retirement, joking that the doctor might need it someday.

Fauci, according to the senator, increased his wealth by 30% during pandemic and should be able afford security for himself without having to use taxpayer money.

Fauci was the highest-paid federal employee at the end of his 54 year career in bureaucracy.

Paul and Fauci also sparred often while he worked at NIAID. Paul asked if he wanted to revise his testimony before Congress based on the new information that was available at the time. Fauci, however, declared that the Kentuckian ophthalmologist had “no clue” what he meant when it came to the medical analysis he did of the coronavirus.

Hugh Auchincloss is the father of Rep. Jake Auchincloss (D-Mass. ), who has replaced Fauci as acting director at NIAID.