RNC approves Trump-centric platform with softened language on abortion

The Republican National Committee’s (RNC) draft platform was approved by a panel on Monday, ahead of the convention next week. It reflects the new stance that the GOP has taken on abortion.

The Republican Platform Committee overwhelmingly approved the platform. It will be voted on in a closed-door vote Tuesday. The platform is a resounding echo of Trump’s views on important issues such as trade, immigration and foreign policies. It also removes specific language regarding traditional marriage and limits abortion.

In a joint statement, top Trump campaign advisors Chris LaCivita & Susie Wiles stated that “President Trump’s 2024 Republican Party Platform articulates President Trump’s vision to Make America Great again in a concise and digestible way for every voter.”

News outlets have reported that the language in the platform on abortion has been watered-down from previous cycles. This is despite the concerns of anti-abortion advocates who urged Trump to be more aggressive on this issue.

This will guarantee a Trump loss.

This is bad news. Because every dollar spent to help Squad member Ruben Gallego is a dollar spent to defeat Trump and down-ballot America First candidates. If you want to stop Biden’s wide-open border policies and make America secure again, we must win Arizona. Will you help Latinos for America First persuade Latino voters in Arizona to support Trump?

This will guarantee a Trump loss.
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“We proudly support families and life.” The platform on abortion states that “we believe the 14th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States ensures that no one can be denied freedom or life without due process,” according to the language reported first by The Washington Post, and obtained by The Hill.

The platform says, “After 51-years, this power was given to states and to a people’s vote, thanks to us.” “We will oppose abortions at late stages of pregnancy while supporting mothers, policies that promote prenatal care, birth control and IVF treatments.”

Since the Supreme Court ruled Roe v. Wade was overturned in 2022, Trump has been subjected to relentless political attacks by Democrats. Trump appointed three justices who voted to overturn the landmark ruling protecting abortion access.

Trump said that states should be allowed to pass their own laws on abortion through legislatures or referendums. He called it “a beautiful thing to watch”, as some states protect abortion rights while others ban abortions with no exceptions.

Sarafina Chitika, a spokesperson for the Biden campaign, said that Donald Trump had made it clear in his words and actions exactly what he would do if he were to gain power. “He will rip women’s rights away, punish women and ban abortion across the country,” she stated. You don’t need to believe us. Take it directly from Trump: He is ‘proud,’ of having ‘killed,’ Roe V. Wade, and has unleashed extreme prohibitions without exceptions for incest or rape, which he describes as a ‘beautiful thing to watch ‘….

The rest of Trump’s platform is similar to what he has said on the campaign trail. He promised the largest deportation operation ever undertaken in American history. He also called for a “third world war” and cancelled the mandates for electric vehicles.