State Department Releases Updated Plan To ‘Embed Equity’ Into All Aspects Of Foreign Policy

State Department announced on Wednesday that it would embed “equity,” into every aspect of foreign policy, and claimed that “inequity was a national-security challenge with global implications.”

The report was released in an effort to update the Biden administration initiative to push diversity equity and inclusion policies at all levels within the federal government. The State Department has also been pushing DEI policies at all levels of government, including funding foreign LGBT groups.

The report stated that “over the past two-years, we have increased our efforts to embed equality in our work on foreign affairs through diplomatic engagements and high-level discussions, multilateral efforts and foreign assistance, as well as public diplomacy and messaging programs, procurement and contracts.” These efforts have increased the visibility of racial inequities and other injustices globally, and generated better-informed policies to reduce barriers to equality and equity worldwide.

Some Republicans are trying to stop the federal government pushing DEI by claiming that these efforts are based on race and sexuality, not competency.

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The State Department advocates a number of principles, including efforts to “combat hatred and protect inclusive democracies,” promoting “racial justice and equity globally,” and advancing gender equity and equality worldwide.

The report highlighted several projects prompted from the Department’s focus on equity. These included: a podcast produced by the U.S. Mission in NATO on women and international security; the Embassy in Kyiv pushing for access to a HIV pre-exposure medication; the Embassy Kingston “forging connections” with Jamaican Law Enforcement and LGBT people and the U.S. Mission in Poland helping coordinate on LGBTQI+ matters as ally embassies in order to combat hate and create an inclusive environment.”

The State Department announced that it would pursue future projects, including incorporating “intersectional equality” into its public diplomacy activities and programs, funding LGBT advocacy groups and improving the artwork on American passports to “better represent our country’s wide diversity.”

The report stated that “increased migration, global warming and the COVID-19 epidemic” made racism “more–not–less–virulent.”

The State Department was criticized in the past for its efforts to promote transgender inclusion in Indian corporations, which included allocating taxpayer funds of nearly $50,000.

The Daily Wire reported previously that the State Department would be providing $49,813 for an Indian organization named the YR Gaitonde Medical, Educational and Research Foundation, who seek to normalize the transgenderism at workplaces.