Texas Republican files articles of impeachment against Mayorkas

Texas Republican Alejandro Mayorkas, Department of Homeland Security Secretary (DHS), has been impeached. He wasted little time in the new Congress on an issue that GOP leadership had promised would be resolved after thorough investigation.

Rep. Pat Fallon (Republican from Texas) filed the paperwork to resolve the matter on Jan. 3rd, the first day in the 118th Congress. However, due to delays in securing a House speaker, the document was filed officially late Monday.

Mayorkas is accused of “engaged in an incompatible pattern of conduct with his duties,” and that he has failed in his operational control over the border.

This resolution was reached amid a busy week for the Biden administration. Over the weekend, President Biden made a rare visit to the border and pledged to provide more resources for officers patrolling the area.


Mayorkas will be in Mexico this week to meet with Mexican officials on a range of issues, including the recently announced shared migration agreement.

Mayorkas will also be meeting with Mexican authorities to discuss the coordination of transnational crime.

Fallon’s resolution will not move without further action by the GOP leadership. However, it would jump-start a process House speaker Kevin McCarthy (R.Calif.) has carefully continued.

McCarthy stated that “House Republicans” will investigate each order, every action, and every failure to determine whether or not we can start an impeachment inquiry at a November press conference in El Paso.

Mayorkas was still in danger of being impeached by Republicans, as the DHS Secretary has been a constant foe for the party under the Biden administration.

Republicans claim that the DHS under Biden has demolished the border security apparatus created under Trump’s former president, leading to border chaos.

The main basis of the articles of impeachment are the allegations that Mayorkas lied about Congress. They back this case by pointing out two instances where the secretary claimed to Congress that he believed the Southern Border was under control.

His willful acts have weakened our immigration system, undermined border patrol morale and threatened American national security. Fallon stated in a release that he must be removed from office.

DHS stated Tuesday that Mayorkas does not plan to resign. It also argued that the grounds to impeachment cited by the GOP were inaccurate and did not meet the criteria to be considered high crimes or misdemeanors.

Secretary Mayorkas is proud of the noble mission of the Department, its exceptional workforce, and to serve the American people. In a statement, Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Marsha Espinosa stated that the Department will continue its work to enforce our laws, secure our border, and build a safe, orderly and humane immigration system.

“Members can do more than point fingers at another member of Congress; they should be willing to work together on fixing our broken system and outdated legislation, which have been neglected for over 40 years.”

Many border and immigration experts agree that the main reason for high numbers of migrants at the border is increased migration as a result of security, economic, and governance conditions in Western Hemisphere.

Mayorkas is the target of criticism from both the right and left. The DHS has continued many Trump administration’s border policies that immigrant advocates claim violate human rights.

Yet, Republicans still see the border as a winning issue. Mayorkas is the Biden administration’s face on this issue.

Mayorkas was the first Latino ever to hold this post. He has frequently clashed with congressional Republicans during oversight hearings.

Mayorkas and Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee clashed in April. This included a noteworthy exchange with Rep. Matt Gaetz, (R-Fla.), over the agency’s record regarding deportations from within the country.

This combative exchange could be the starting point for impeachment proceedings.

Republicans are concerned about the possibility of a political circus after a nationally televised Speaker’s race, which highlighted divisions within the party.

Some Republicans are hesitant about following Mayorkas without careful consideration.

“You have to build a case. Rep. Michael McCaul (R.Texas): “You need the facts and evidence before you indict.”

“Has he fallen short of his responsibilities?” He agreed.