Trump campaign says it will deploy thousands of election workers to monitor poll sites

The program highlights Trump’s obsession with election security. He used it to try and undermine the results of 2020 elections.

The former President Donald Trump’s campaign said that they plan to deploy over 100,000 attorneys and volunteers to battleground states in order to monitor and possibly challenge the vote counting.

The initiative, which was described by the Trump campaign and Republican National Committee as “the largest and most monumental election integrity program” in American history, will train poll workers and watchers as well as attorneys.

Even Republican officials agreed that there had been no widespread fraud.


Trump warned his supporters without any evidence that Democrats might try to rig 2024’s election. Trump repeated the same false statements about the 2020 elections, which he tried to overturn.

Trump complained privately that his political machine was not prepared enough for legal battles during the 2020 elections. Trump has told his advisers that it would be better if they could challenge election results if necessary.

This is also a sign, that if Trump were to try again to overturn the results of the election, there would already be tens and thousands of workers in place who could assist with this effort.

Trump stated in a statement that “having the right people count the votes is just as crucial as getting voters out on Election Day.”

The announcement states that the Trump campaign plans to send lawyers to monitor voting machine testing, early voting and election day voting as well as mail ballot processing, post-election canvassing and auditing. The campaign plans to place lawyers in mail-in processing centers, and to set up a hotline for poll watchers to call to report any problems.

The RNC stated that there will be attorneys at “every processing center in which mail ballots are tallied.”

In most states, there are laws that regulate activities at the polling station. This includes laws that prohibit voter intimidation, obstructing the voting process, loitering, and advertising. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures partisan poll workers can monitor elections, but they cannot interfere with the electoral process other than to report any issues.

Charlie Spies, the RNC general counsel and RNC chair Michael Whatley were all involved in the development of the RNC program. Lara Trump is Trump’s wife.

Spies stated in a press release that “in 2024, we will beat the Democrats on their own turf and the RNC’s legal team is going to work tirelessly to make sure elections officials adhere to the rules when administering elections. We will aggressively bring them to court if the don’t adhere to rules or change them last-minute.

Trump urged government workers after the November 2020 elections to reverse the results, and he spread false allegations about voter fraud. On Jan. 6, a group of Trump supporters stormed Capitol Hill in an effort to prevent the certification of election results. Trump faces federal and state charges stemming from his attempts to maintain power.

In a Washington Post/University of Maryland survey released in January, one third of Americans do not accept that Biden won the 2020 elections legitimately.

Trump has continued his false claim that the election is unfair. He even installed Whatley as RNC Chair, who repeated Trump’s false claims regarding the 2020 election.

Trump, at a rally in Virginia last month, said: “We want an landslide too large to rig.” That’s what we need, because they will be cheating and they are cheaters. We’re watching them and we’re prosecuting.”