Trump Goes Scorched Earth on DeSantis, Raises Questions About His Sexuality and Peddles Groomer Smear

After weighing in on the possibility of his indictment by New York prosecutors in Stormy Daniels, former President Donald Trump took aim at Ron DeSantis, Florida Governor.

Trump posted on Truth Social questions about DeSantis’s sex and again smears the Florida Republican, who is being considered as a possible presidential candidate in 2024.

“Ron DeSanctimonious” will likely find out about FALSE ACUSATIONS and FAKE STORIES as he grows older, wiser and more well-known. He’ll probably discover this information when he is unfairly and illegally attacked or abused by a woman, or even classmates who are “underage” (or maybe a man). Trump sighed. “I’m certain he will want the same fight against these misfits as I do!”

Trump also included a photo from an article indicating the worst of DeSantis’s conduct with “underage” young people.

Trump’s scorched earth comments came just hours after DeSantis had made snide remarks about Trump while discussing the possibility that Trump could be indicted over the Stormy Dans hush money scandal.

“I don’t know what it takes to pay hush money for a porn star, or to get silence during an alleged affair. DeSantis said Monday that he couldn’t comment on the matter. “But I can say that you have a prosecutor, who ignores crimes occurring every day in his jurisdiction, and he chooses not to go back many decades ago to try to use anything about pornstar hush-money payments. That’s one example of political agenda pursuit.

DeSantis has yet to declare whether he will run in the 2024 presidential election, but he is often regarded as the most formidable opponent Trump would face in a Republican primary. Trump has been attacking DeSantis regularly, but the feud has been mostly one-sided because the governor has tried not to hit back at Trump directly.

Trump’s latest post is a month after he posted the exact same photo as part of a meme showing DeSantis drinking and partying with high school students. DeSantis replied to that with the statement, “I don’t spend my time trying smear other Republicans.”