Trump indictment leads GOP field to unite around former president

The majority of the 2024 Republican presidential field rallied behind Donald Trump when he was charged with 34 charges in Manhattan.

Governor was the largest potential rival. Ron DeSantis (R-FL).

One Florida GOP operative stated that “it’s almost unifying right now” as two Republican leaders focused their anger on the Democrats who are prosecuting Trump. “There is a pause in the beating up of each others. What length of time does this pause last? “I don’t know.”

After Alvin Bragg, Manhattan District Attorney, reopened the Stormy Daniels case hush money case, Republicans have rallied behind Trump. This was the first time that a sitting or former president was charged with criminal offenses.


DeSantis has largely resisted Trump’s attacks for months. He is seen as an establishment favorite who cannot be trusted.

Trump’s allies have criticised DeSantis’s willingness to defend Trump before the indictment was filed. DeSantis also accused the “Soros-backed Manhattan district attorney” of trying to wage a political vendetta against Trump. The governor was also criticised for not using the name of the former president.

The operative stated that Trump’s closest supporters are likely to respond, but DeSantis is aiming for a wider audience.

This person stated, “I thought it had been a very strong reaction, to be truthful,” and noted that it was “playing well with Republicans in Trump’s home state.”

DeSantis’s promise that his state would not support an extradition request was not unnoticed. This struck some as opportunistic, since Trump didn’t fight extradition.

One operative stated that it would likely be effective in immunizing the governor against criticisms that he hadn’t adequately defended Trump. Trump was arrested on April 4.

This person stated, “If you take yourself from Florida and you’re an Iowa Republican or New Hampshire Republican or Nevada Republican or California Republican, what the governor said in Florida is perfectly on target.”

However, the person who indicted Trump said that Trump’s team had been caught off guard after the indictment was issued. This led to speculation that Trump’s warnings may have accelerated the timeline.

The short detente between Trump & DeSantis might not last for long.

DeSantis attacked what he called the “weaponization of federal agencies against Regime’s political enemies” when FBI agents raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property last year to search for classified documents.

“The Mar-a-Lago raid put an end to it. The indictment has put an end to it,” the GOP operative stated. It was not until a month after Mar-a-Lago’s raid that things were reopened.

Trump could also face legal problems that could complicate the dynamic.

Georgia’s grand jury is currently investigating the allegations of the former president in relation to his interference in the 2020 elections. The Justice Department has appointed a special counsel to investigate his mishandling of classified information and his involvement in the Jan. 6 Capitol Riot.

The GOP strategist for the campaign said, “It’s a one-two-three punch.” “This is the first.”

Bryan Lanza, Trump’s ally, said that the indictment has been criticized by former New York Democratic Governor. Andrew Cuomo would be a “disaster” for Democrats. Lanza pointed out Cuomo who stated in a radio interview that “partisan” prosecutors confirm people’s “cynicism.”

Florida legislators introduced Thursday draft legislation to amend the state’s law regarding resigning-to-run. This is a sign that DeSantis could be closer to making an announcement.