US Immigration Form Adds New Gender Option

The addition of the third gender option to US immigration applications has sparked new criticisms of the Biden administration.

The updated application is available on the U.S. As of Monday evening, the Citizenship and Immigration Services website (USCIS), lists “male, female and another gender identity” as possible options on form.

USCIS has confirmed to Newsweek in a press release that the application was updated. An archived search of Newsweek’s website shows only female and male as options on March 29.

USCIS stated in an email sent to Newsweek that “On April 1, 2020, USCIS will publish a new version of Form N400, Application for Naturalization. This is the first USCIS application to include a ‘X’ option for a third gender, which can be defined as ‘Another Gender Identity.'” The X option is currently not available on any other form.

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The agency noted that “the change supports USCIS commitment to make naturalization accessible to those who qualify and, more broadly, reduce any barriers to obtaining benefits from immigration.”

After a right-wing account EndWokeness shared an image of this application on X (formerly Twitter), which boasts more than 2.4 millions followers, the inclusion of a third gender option created commotion. The bio of EndWokeness reads: “Fighting exposing and mocking wokeness.”

EndWokeness published: “U.S. Citizenship Services has just added a third gender on its immigration forms.

The X Post attracted hundreds of comments from critics who criticized the Biden Administration’s “woke” policies on immigration.

The administration of President Joe Biden has been facing criticism over policies that critics call pro-LGBTQ+. The scrutiny escalated at the weekend, after the president posted on social media about Transgender Day of Visibility which fell on Easter.

The critics took particular issue with Biden’s message posted on Easter Sunday about X, which stated: “Today on Transgender Day of Visibility I have a message for all trans Americans. I see you. You were made in God’s image, and deserve respect and dignity.”

Social media posts and the announcement that preceded them on Friday have been swiftly condemned.

In a Sunday statement to Newsweek, the president of Log Cabin Republicans – which claims on its website that it is “the nation’s largest and original organization representing LGBT conservatives as well as straight allies” – called the Transgender Day article disrespectful.

Karoline Leavitt – former press secretary to Donald Trump – called it “appalling” and “insulting” that Biden had “officially proclaimed Easter as ‘Trans Day of Visibility.'” In a statement issued on Saturday. Leavitt said that the announcement by the president is an example his administration’s years-long attack on the Christian Faith.

Newsweek contacted Biden’s representatives via email for a comment.

Biden is a Catholic and has been a champion of LGBTQ+ rights during his time in office. He highlighted this in last week’s announcement for Transgender Visibility Day.

The president said, “I’m proud that I have nominated transgender leaders in my Administration and have lifted the ban on openly serving transgender Americans in our military.” “I am very proud of the historic Executive Orders I signed that strengthened civil rights protections for housing, employment and health care. Education, justice, and education are also included. I am proud that the Respect for Marriage Act has been signed into law. This ensures that all Americans can marry who they love.

Biden, however, said that “there’s much more to be done” and encouraged Congress to pass The Equality Act which “codifies civil rights protections to all LGBTQI+ Americans.”

Biden condemned the anti-trans youth legislation proposed by “extremists”, as well as bullying and discrimination against transgender individuals, calling them “un-American”. He demanded that they “must stop.”

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, in 2023 more than 500 anti LGBT+ bills will be introduced by state legislatures throughout the United States.