Whistleblowers: FBI officials singled out agents who were former military for anti-Trump retaliation

A growing number of whistleblowers are coming forward to inform Congress that high ranking FBI officials target agents, primarily former military personnel, for their political views and try to force them to leave the bureau.

Two disclosures sent by the House Judiciary Committee to members of Congress claim that a Marine and other veterans of the FBI were accused of being disloyal to the U.S.

The Washington Times has obtained copies of these disclosures.

According to the whistleblowers, Jeffrey Veltri, the deputy assistant director of security at the Bureau, and Dena perkins, the assistant section chief, targeted employees who had served in the Marine Corps, or other branches of the military.

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According to the disclosures, they stripped the agents of their security clearances. This sidelined them in the workplace and forced them towards the exit.

According to whistleblower disclosures, Mr. Veltri or Ms. Perkins declared or tried to declare Marines and other veterans “disloyal” to the United States of America.

It said that “in these cases, there was no indication of any individual having any affiliation with a foreign power or holding any belief against the United States.”

According to Ms. Perkins, and Mr. Veltri’s report, other signs of a right-wing radical employee who was “disloyal” to the United States were the failure to wear a mask, the refusal to take the COVID-19 vaccine, and participation in religious activities.

The disclosure states that Ms. Perkins tried to revoke a security clearance from a bureau worker she knew as a Marine veteran. However, information revealed that the initial accusations against the employee had been unfounded.

It didn’t stop Ms. Perkins, however, from ordering her investigators canvassing at least 10 local police departments to look for any violations or allegations of law.

The disclosure says that “Perkins tried to provide evidence during the process so that she could terminate the employee because he had been “Disloyal” to the United States.”

According to one disclosure, “An employee informed that at least two publicly known FBI whistleblowers are former military members. Specifically… Kyle Seraphin” and “Garret[t] O’Boyle”.

A second FBI whistleblower sent to the Judiciary Committee contained an accusation by a security division worker who claimed that the investigation into the security clearance of Mr. Seraphin had not followed the guidelines of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

The FBI initially refused to comment. The FBI issued a statement the day after the article appeared online. It criticized The Times for its reporting of the revelations to Congress.

It is utterly irresponsible for The Washington Times and this reporter to make outrageous and demonstrably untrue allegations that the FBI targeted former military personnel. The Washington Times’ decision to publish such unsubstantiated, baseless claims on Veteran’s day, and to include names of FBI staffers, including one veteran, is offensive. The FBI does not and has never retaliated against those who have made protected disclosures. We don’t target employees or take any adverse action because they exercised their First Amendment right or expressed their political opinions. We are proud of the many veterans who work at the FBI and thank them all for their service,” said FBI.

According to the disclosures, Mr. Seraphin underwent a security clearance inquiry after his field office informed Ms. Perkins of an incident in which a policeman outside his jurisdiction confronted Seraphin about his practice with a gun at a range.

Mr. O’Boyle’s security clearance was revoked after he appeared before a panel of the House Judiciary Committee investigating the weaponization by the federal government. In September 2022, his security clearance was revoked over allegations that he had leaked information to Project Veritas about a criminal case that FBI officials claimed “compromise the case.”

According to the disclosures, Mr. O’Boyle became homeless when he lost his clearance for security and was suspended from work without pay.

SecD officials in the FBI suspended Mr. O’Boyle’s clearance for security after he transferred to another field office. It said that he and his family were left financially stranded in their new city and became homeless.

According to the disclosure, FBI supervisor Sean Clark (and Ms. Perkins) were behind Mr. O’Boyle’s punishment scheme. The alleged plan was to move him around the country in order to financially ruin him and suspend him.

The disclosure stated that Clark boasted to at least one FBI employee within SecD about his intention to’screw’ O’Boyle.

In an interview with The Times Mr. O’Boyle stated that he had never met Mr. Clark nor Ms. Perkins. He claimed that he only learned of them when The Times sent him the information from the whistleblower’s disclosure.

“I didn’t know these people but they still came after me because that is what tyrants are like.” “They go after people they’re scared of,” said Mr. O’Boyle. “They go after people who tell the truth.”

He sued the FBI. He said that his security clearance was suspended for 14-months and the FBI prohibited him from accepting donations or finding another job during this time.

“My lawyers have told me that, if I quit the FBI would simply file a dismissal motion [and] the lawsuit wouldn’t have standing,” said Mr. O’Boyle.

According to the disclosure, Mr. Clark and Mrs. Perkins knew that Mr. O’Boyle likely did not pass on the information to Project Veritas nor other news media.

The disclosure stated that “at the time, Security Division had suspended FBI employee Garret O’Boyle. Sean Clark, the supervisor responsible for O’Boyle’s Case at the time, was already certain that O’Boyle hadn’t provided any information either to Project Veritas, or the media.”

SecD operated under the assumption that O’Boyle provided the information through another FBI employee, who passed it to a third party outside of the FBI,” the report said. SecD was unable to determine conclusively how the information reached Project Veritas and the media.

Mr. Clark, and Ms. Perkins, allowed Mr. O’Boyle to move into the other office, despite his ignorance of an internal investigation. The disclosure stated that he was immediately suspended upon entering his new office.

“O’Boyle’s family was left homeless.” “The FBI had all Mr. O’Boyle’s family’s belongings, including clothing and furniture,” said the disclosure. SecD did not take any action to help O’Boyle out of the predicament SecD had created. SecD left O’Boyle destitute, while he was still working for the FBI, in a city where he had neither family nor friends.