White House blasted over explanation for Biden’s quick exit from American heroes ceremony

Social media didn’t like the explanation given by White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre as to why President Biden had left early from the Medal of Honor Ceremony on Tuesday.

Reporters asked Jean-Pierre about Biden’s departure right after he had placed a medal in the hand of former U.S. Army captain and Vietnam War veteran Larry Taylor, but before concluding prayers. Biden stayed to hear the benediction during other Medal of Honor ceremony. Although his early departure was criticized on the internet, the press secretary insisted it was planned.

Jean-Pierre said to reporters, “He left exactly as planned.” He left during a pause to avoid having to speak with people who were about to attend a reception.

She continued, “We have to put everything in context. We had planned that the president would leave during a break in the program to minimize his presence in the room. He did exactly that. Also, I would like to mention that the president spent some time with Capt. Taylor before the event began. Taylor and his wife. “And everyone was masked, because he wanted that important, quality time.”


The users of “X”, formerly known by the name Twitter, did not believe Jean-Pierre’s explanation and made fun of him for trying to spin the story.

Graham Allen, a conservative media personality, insisted: “Don’t lie.”

“Biden had been in close contact with the people during the entire ceremony up to that point, while wearing no mask.” This press secretary’s continued insulting of those with IQs above 50 is astounding, wrote FOX News contributor Joe Concha.

Jeffery A. Dove Jr., a former Virginia congressional candidate, asked: “If that’s the case then why didn’t you just say it? If you ask me, this is a lot of “CYA.”

Spencer Brown, managing editor of Townhall.com, wondered: “So, Biden deliberately abandoned a Medal of Honor winner on stage before it was over, meaning that the situation was just as bad if not even worse than it appeared?”

Sean Spicer, the former Trump White House Press Secretary, wrote: “Is there anything that the White House media corps will not buy?” He left before the blessing.”

In video footage from Medal of Honor award ceremonies in 2021 or 2022, Biden was still on the stage with the medal recipients when the closing prayer was said. Biden left the stage only after the event ended and the White House Band began to play.

Jean-Pierre has also reacted to criticism that Biden removed his mask at the ceremony on Tuesday, despite White House officials previously saying that he’d follow COVID-19 protocol after Jill Biden tested positive.

“The President took off his face mask, just as I had said he would do, and delivered incredibly powerful comments about this Captain, Capt. Jean-Pierre acknowledged Taylor’s service to the nation. “And for a short time after, he didn’t also have his mask on.”