Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Fears Trump Will Throw Her in Jail if He Wins

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, fears former President Donald Trump may throw her into jail if he is elected in November.

Kara Swisher, host of On with Kara Swisher podcast, expressed her concern about the Congresswoman’s comments.

She said, “I know it sounds crazy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he threw you in jail.” “He is out of his head.” “I mean, his entire first campaign revolved around the slogan ‘lock her in.’ That’s his motto.”

Ocasio Cortez said that Trump would “round people up” if he were elected president.


I take him at face value when he promises to gather people. When he threatens journalists, I take his words at face value. She said, “I take him at his words.” “I think what we saw during his first term as president was just an amuse bouche to his true intentions.” He learned from his mistakes in appointing professional professionals and will not repeat that mistake the next time.

The congresswoman from New York, when asked if Trump had a chance to win in November she said that she believed he could pull off a victory over Biden.

“Trump has a very good chance of winning.” She said, “That is why I’ve thrown my full support behind Biden and I do so vociferously.” It is clear that if Donald Trump is elected, the United States of America could face a dissolution of its democracy. The question of what will happen to her or the Democratic Party if Trump is elected is nothing compared to what might happen to the country.

The former president, who has said that he would be “retribution” for his supporters in the past, clarified recently to Sean Hannity during a Fox News Interview that he did not want to further divide this country.

Hannity was told by Trump that “they’re wrong”. It has to stop because we won’t have a nation if it continues. When this election is done, based on their actions, I have every right of going after them. And it’s easy because it’s Joe Biden, and you can see all the criminality and all the money that goes into his family and him. All of this money comes from China, Russia, Ukraine.

Robert De Niro has a history of paranoid conspiracies. He once openly feared that the former President would “come searching” for him if he were reelected.

If he wins, you will no longer be on the show. He will come to look for me. De Niro stated on HBO’s Real Time: “There will be things that we can’t imagine.”

“Do we want to be in a dream world or a world where we can enjoy our lives? He added: “Vote for Trump, and you will get the nightmare. Vote Biden, and we’ll go back to normal.”