AOC, ‘baby girl’ Marjorie Taylor Greene trade barbs in fiery Garland hearing: ‘Are your feelings hurt?’

The hearing was convened by lawmakers to find Merrick Garland guilty of contempt.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Marjorie Taylor Greene engaged in a heated discussion Thursday night during what was meant to be a hearing on contempt for Attorney General Merrick G.

The House Oversight Committee was originally convened in order to hold Attorney-General Merrick Garland as contemptuous for refusing to obey a subpoena requiring him to provide an audio recording from President Biden’s interview with the special counsel.

Hearings quickly became out of hand, as lawmakers began to argue with each other. Greene, a Texas Democrat, took aim at Jasmine Crockett, her Democratic colleague less than an hour into the hearing.

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Greene replied: “I believe your fake eyelashes are affecting what you’re trying to read.”

James Comer, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, pleaded with his colleagues to maintain order in spite of audible grumblings.

Ocasio Cortez responded, saying: “I have a question of order and I’d like to remove Ms. Greens words. This is unacceptable. “How dare you insult the physical appearance of someone else… move her words lower.”

“Are your feelings hurt?” Greene asked.

“Oh girl, baby girl!” Ocasio-Cortez shot back. “Don’t even play!”

Ocasio Cortez demanded that Greene’s words be “taken down” which is a process to allow a speaker to amend or withdraw their remarks if they were deemed to be out of order.

Comer suspended hearings while lawmakers considered removing Greene’s remarks. Ocasio Cortez was heard saying “no way” and “not today.”

“We won’t do a smarmy apologize. She must apologize. “And that’s up to her as well,” Ocasio Cortez said. It needs to be genuine.

Greene agreed to remove her words, but refused to apologize. She insulted Ocasio Cortez’s intellect and prompted the Democratic Congresswoman move to remove those words.

Greene responded, “You won’t get an apology from me.” Later, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md. ), who had pushed the clerk to report these words, asked Greene if she was going to apologize.

Crockett reacted later to the commotion on X.

“So MTG wants to talk about my presence in COMMITTEE?” Crockett wrote in X. “This is what you get when people with mental disabilities who cannot read, follow rules or don’t care… end up in Congress!”