AOC maintained up to $50K in student loan debt while calling for its cancelation, disclosures show

According to documents reviewed by Fox News Digital, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez had up to $50,000 of student loan debt and was one of the most vocal advocates for its cancellation.

In her recently published financial disclosure, the New York legislator revealed that she had between $15001 and $50000 in student loans in 2022. During that time, the $174,000-a-year U.S. House of Representatives Member, progressive champion, advocated for many actions which would directly benefit her.

In response to a Marist survey showing President Biden’s low approval ratings among young adults, Ocasio Cortez wrote in May 2022 on X (formerly Twitter): “Now would be a good time to cancel student loans debt, take meaningful climate action, and implement voting rights.”

The ‘Squad member’ applauded Biden’s ill-fated plan to forgive student loans for over 800,000 borrowers, but pledged to push for even more relief.


Ocasio Cortez wrote in an Instagram post: “It’s YOUR pushing, YOUR pressure and YOUR organizing that brought them to this stage.” It is up to us and you to decide whether we will stop here or continue to push.

She continued, “I’m grateful for this first step, which is so exciting, encouraging and has changed the lives of SO many people.” “But, I’m also thinking of how this still leaves an unanswered question for those who are in the greatest amount of debt and need the most help.” Let’s celebrate, and continue on.”

After the Supreme Court cancelled Biden’s Student Loan Debt Handout, the Biden Administration has recently gone back to the drawing board. The Court said that Congress must explicitly authorize such a programme.

Biden stated that the court had “misinterpreted” the Constitution and proposed a “workaround” plan which will provide a 12-month on-ramp intended to help borrowers who are struggling to resume repayment.

Ocasio-Cortez was not satisfied with the plan’s terms. She said in July that the president should suspend debt payments and interest for one year.

“I’d like to see the interest payments suspended, especially during this 12-month ramp up period,” Ocasio Cortez told CNN’s Dana Bash. “There are many millions of Americans who have student loans that are under… $10,000 or $20,000. This is what the plan says.”

She continued, “People shouldn’t be paying interest during the 12-month period of on-ramp.” “I urge the administration to suspend those interest payments. We still strongly believe that student loans should be cancelled and we will act faster than the 12-month period whenever possible.

Ocasio-Cortez reported the same debt amount on her financial disclosure as last year. Her office didn’t respond to a comment request.