‘Bad Faith’: Treasury Department Obstructing Investigation Into Biden Family Finances, House Republican Says

James Comer, Republican of Kentucky, House Oversight Committee, accused the Biden Administration of “operating with bad faith” in obstructing his investigation into the finances of the Biden family.

Comer wrote Monday to the Treasury Department revealing that the department had been slow to respond to requests from committees for Suspicious Activity Reports. These reports were related to deals President Joe Biden made with foreign businessmen.

Comer wrote that Treasury had made many excuses during the Committee’s dialog with it. “Given the time it has taken since we first requested and the inability of Treasury to give a projected timeline when the [Suspicious Activities Reports] will produce, the Committee suspects Treasury is delaying their production to hinder our investigation.

Isabella More, deputy assistant secretary for supervision at the Treasury, informed congressional investigators last week that the department still needs to meet with “law enforcement partner” due to the sensitive nature of documents requested by the committee. According to Comer’s letter, More stated that “[T]his entire procedure takes considerable time to complete.”

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When the Truth Gets Out
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Comer wrote that “Treasury’s delay and excuse tactics are not applicable given you have known of our requests since last years and previously produced relevant [Suspicious Activity reports] to other parties.”

The chairman of the committee stated that More could better explain herself at a meeting before it, and he invited the Treasury official before the committee to testify on March 10.

The investigation by Comer into the finances of the Biden family is just one of many investigations that House Republicans have started in the Biden administration after taking control of the lower chamber. Comer is now focusing his efforts on investigating questions regarding President Biden’s foreign business deals.

Comer’s investigation focuses mainly on Hunter Biden and James Biden, his brother and son, who were both involved in foreign business deals in countries like China, Turkey and Ukraine. Comer wants to find out how much President Biden knew or was involved in these deals.

Although the president denied knowing anything about his son’s overseas business dealings on multiple occasions, evidence from Hunter’s laptop suggests otherwise. In 2018, Biden left a voicemail to his son, revealing that he knew something about his son’s business dealings. He left Hunter a message regarding a New York Times article on Ye Jianming, a Chinese businessman.