Biden Offers to Debate Trump, With Terms, Shunning the Debate Commission

The New York Times obtained a letter from The Biden campaign that stated the former president Donald J. Trump was willing to debate Biden at least twice, possibly as early as in June, before the elections. However, his campaign rejects the nonpartisan group which has been managing presidential debates since 1989.

The Biden campaign letter lays out, for the first, the terms of the president giving Mr. Trump the thing he’s openly demanded: a televised battle with a successor that Mr. Trump has described, and hopes reveal, as being too weak to hold the position.

Biden and top aides of Mr. Biden want the debates started much earlier than the dates proposed to the Commission on Presidential Debates so that voters could see the candidates face-to-face well before the early voting starts in September. The debate should take place in a television studio with automatic microphones that cut off after a speaker has exceeded their time limit. They want the debate to take place in a TV studio, with microphones that automatically cut off when a speaker’s time limit expires.

The proposal indicates that Mr. Biden will take calculated risks in order to turn around his fortunes. Most battleground state polls show that the president is trailing Mr. Trump, and that he struggles to convince voters that he is an effective leader and manager of the economy.

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The Biden campaign has made the first formal request for a debate with Donald Trump. Trump has repeatedly stated that he would debate his successor at any time and anywhere, and demanded to have as many debates possible. Biden has recently stated that he will debate Trump but had not given any specifics or firm commitments.

The letter signed by Jennifer O’Malley Dillon and addressed to the Commission on Presidential Debates notifies that Mr. Biden won’t be participating in three debates scheduled by the Commission for the general election, on Sept. 16, October 1 and Oct. 9,

This is a shocking decision by Mr. Biden. He has been an institutionalist who has worked to preserve Washington’s traditions.

In the letter, Ms. O’Malley-Dillon states that Mr. Biden would rather participate in debates organized by news organizations. Mr. Biden also recorded a short video to confirm his intention to debate Donald Trump. This move allows the Biden and Trump teams to directly negotiate with networks and each other for possible debates.

Ms. O’Malley-Dillon suggested the first debate take place in late June. By then, Mr. Trump’s criminal trial in New York should have been completed and Mr. Biden would return from his Group of 7 summit meeting with other head of state.

She writes that a second presidential debate would be best held “in the early months of September, at the beginning of the fall election season. This is early enough to encourage early voting but not too late to force the candidates to abandon the campaign trail during the crucial period between September and October.”

The Biden campaign has also proposed that a vice-presidential discussion be held late in July, after Mr. Trump is formally nominated and his running mate at the Republican National Convention.

Early debates are advantageous for the president. Early voting is crucial, particularly for Democrats. Polls also show that Mr. Biden is currently trailing Mr. Trump, and that his messages about core issues such as the economy do not resonate with enough voters.

Democrats in the 2020 elections put an emphasis on early voting by mail, as a safer alternative to voting in person during the coronavirus epidemic. Early voting gave Mr. Biden an edge over Mr. Trump who told his voters to not trust the mail, but to vote on Election Day.

This year, Mr. Trump and his Republican National Committee tried to fix the damage by encouraging Republicans to vote early.

The letter by Ms. O’Malley-Dillon reveals the limitations of the commission’s outdated approach. “The failure to schedule debates meaningful for all voters — and not just those who vote late in the autumn or on Election Day — underscores its serious limitations.”

In recent polls by The New York Times and Siena College, Mr. Trump is ahead of Mr. Biden. Voters trust Mr. Trump more than Mr. Biden in handling the economy.

Biden’s campaign and the White House staff of the President feel strongly that the debates in 2020 were important and will be so again this year.

Biden’s campaign is trying to remind voters why they removed Trump from office by a majority in 2020. Some people close to the President have expressed concern about the so-called Trump Amnesia – that voters have become nostalgic for Mr. Trump, and forgotten how divisive and controversial he was. Recent polling confirms this.

According to them, a side-by-side discussion, which would have a huge audience, was the best way for the Biden Campaign to expose Mr. Trump.

Mr. Trump barely let Mr. Biden speak in the first 2020 debate. He was aggressive, constantly interrupting while sweating and looking unwell. Exasperated Mr. Biden famously asked Mr. Trump: “Will You Shut Up, Man?” This is so unpresidential. And Mr. Trump’s numbers in the polls dropped after that first debate.

Susie Wiles, Chris LaCivita and other top Trump campaign officials see things differently. They share their bosses’ desire to have Mr. Biden debated as much as possible. They’ve said that it doesn’t matter who hosts the debate or where it is held. The Trump campaign is almost unanimous in its belief that Mr. Biden’s performance has decreased since 2020, and would be exposed during a debate with Mr. Trump.

O’Malley’s letter could be the last straw for an organization that has run presidential debates ever since the Reagan years. In her letter, she makes it clear that the Biden Campaign does not trust this organization to run a professional presidential debate. She says the organization “was unable or reluctant to enforce the rules during the 2020 debates.”

Biden’s aides have a number of grievances against the commission. They are angry that Mr. Trump debated with Mr. Biden and looked visibly under-the-weather. He then announced shortly after the debate he tested positive for coronavirus. The Biden team also was furious that Trump family members removed their masks when they entered the audience to the debate.

The debate proposal from the Biden campaign comes with some conditions. The decision to sideline this commission is a clear advantage for Mr. Biden. The Biden campaign wants to limit the number of debates from three to two. However, the commission already has scheduled three