Border Patrol Union Backs Texas In Unprecedented Move

The Border Patrol Union officially expressed its support for Texas when Gov. Greg Abbott (R, TX) is taking action against President Joe Biden’s “catastrophic border policies”. CBP officials have clarified that they do not plan to remove Abbott’s razor-wire, which was placed along the southern border in order to stop illegal aliens crossing the U.S. Mexico border. He stated that their relationship with Texas National Guard is strong and they are focused on restoring their “mission to protect this country and its citizens.” Polls show that voters, even longtime Democrats, have shifted away from another Biden-led term. In order to save face, President Obama blamed Republican legislators for not agreeing on a compromise.

We’ve all known for too long that the border is broken. It’s time to fix this. Two months ago, I told my team to start negotiations with a group of Senators who are bipartisan to finally and seriously address the border crisis. This is what they have been doing for weeks. Biden said in the press release that they worked around the clock through holidays and weekends.

If passed into law, the reforms would be the most fair and toughest ever to secure our border.