Defense Secretary Issues Prepare-to-Deploy Orders for U.S. Troops to the Middle East

After speaking with Joe Biden, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin put additional U.S. soldiers on a prepare-to deploy order to the Middle East.

In a press release, he stated that he had placed additional forces on orders to prepare for deployment as part of prudent planning and contingency. This was to improve their preparedness and capability to respond quickly as needed.

The Pentagon confirmed that the approximate number of troops on the prepare-to-deployment orders was 2,000. Some of the troops will come from the U.S., while others may be from Europe or from other regions.

Austin also said that he activated the deployments of a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense battery (THAAD), as well as more Patriot battalions, to various locations in the region. This is to provide greater protection to U.S. Forces.

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Recent attacks by Iranian proxy forces against U.S. installations in Iraq and Syria were stopped by an American guided missile destroyer.

Austin said that his decision was made after detailed discussions with Biden about “recent escalations in the Middle East Region by Iran and its proxy force.”

He stated that the steps would “bolster regional deterrence, increase force protection for U.S. troops in the region, as well as assist in the defence of Israel.”

Israel and the Pentagon have both said that they do not want U.S. soldiers to engage in combat.

This move comes after the deployment of USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group in the Middle East and the USS Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Austin stated that he would continue to assess the force posture required in the area and deploy additional capabilities if necessary.