Donald Trump to Counter-Program Second GOP Debate by Appearing with Striking Auto Workers in Detroit

Breitbart News has confirmed that former President Donald Trump is scheduled to appear in Detroit with United Auto Workers (UAW), who are on strike, on September 27. This follows a report from multiple sources.

The New York Times reported first on Trump’s upcoming appearance at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Simi Valley in California, with Detroit autoworkers striking against General Motors Ford and Stellantis. This will be counter-programming for the GOP debate.

According to The Times, the GOP frontrunner is scheduled to deliver a “prime time speech” before current and ex-union members, who are striking for higher wages after 40 years of high inflation, and seeking assurances from the automakers and federal government that Biden’s agenda on electrical vehicles will not threaten either their jobs or their pay. Breitbart News also documented this.

Breitbart news has confirmed that multiple Trump aides confirm the plans of the 45th President.


Trump, who consistently takes the majority of the vote in independent national GOP primaries polls, has continued the strategy that his campaign used in the first GOP debate, when he skipped it and joined Tucker Carlson on the host’s show Tucker on Twitter for a 45-minute one-on-one interview.

The debate stories quickly went out of date when Trump surrendered to Fulton County in Georgia on his fourth indictment the day after. The arrest resulted in the iconic mugshot, the first ever mugshot taken of a former US president.

Breitbart News’ John Binder emphasized this on Saturday that Trump’s plans show he is more focused on a possible general election rematch against President Joe Biden than on the Republican primary. Union workers, who had long been the backbone of the Democrat Coalition, were crucial in helping him win the 2016 election.

Union workers in 2016 helped Trump to win the White House and achieve his nationalist-populist agenda. They scored the highest support from union households of any Republican presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan’s 1984 election.

Biden’s 57 percent share of union households in 2020 was a significant increase over Trump’s 40%. Trump could increase his share in union households by significantly increasing it in a rematch with Biden. He can do this by registering millions of whites who are not college educated in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania to vote.

Binder’s Report highlighted that it was the Detroit Free Press that first revealed Trump’s consideration of a Michigan visit to meet UAW members who were striking against the Big Three Automakers.

Breitbart News’ Economics Editor John Carney reported that initially, auto workers were asking for a 40 percent increase in wages over four years. However, last week the figure was reduced to 36 percent.

In the United States, it is reasonable to expect inflation to average around 3 percent over the next 4 years. Detroit may see four to five percent inflation. Compounded, a rate of four percent inflation per year would result in an increase in prices of 17.3 percent. Five percent inflation per year compounds to 22.1% over four years.

If you add this to the cost of living increase that has occurred over the last four years, and subtract the real wage increases expected in those four years, it is easy to justify a wage increase of around 30 percent.

Carney said, “If Bidenflation can be exorcised, then the next round between auto manufacturers and their employees will be easier.”

In a Truth Social posting on Sunday night, Trump claimed that Biden’s electric vehicle agenda was selling the UAW “down the drain”.

“They will be made in China under Crooked Joe’s CHINA FIRST policy. Vote for TRUMP, I will make you rich and victorious. If your “leaders” won’t endorse me, vote them out of office, now,” he pleaded to the rank-and-file UAW.

“WITHOUT THE DEMOCRATS & CROOKED JOE CALLS THE SHOTS YOU’LL BE JOBLESS & PENNILESS IN 4 YEARS.” Remember, BIDEN is a crook who has been paid millions of dollars by China and others,” he said.