Donald Trump’s CNN Town Hall live updates: Liberal journalists, AOC blast network over event: ‘Lost total contol’

Follow the New York Post updates as former president Donald Trump took part in a CNN Town Hall Wednesday in New Hampshire, in anticipation of his presidential bid in 2024.

Trump participated in an event moderated and hosted by Kaitlan Collins. He answered questions from local Republicans, as well as undecided voters, at St. Anselm College.

Former Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie responded on Wednesday to Donald Trump’s claim he would end Ukraine’s war in “24-hours” if reelected, by suggesting the former president would let Russia take over Ukraine.

Donald Trump said he could end the conflict in Ukraine within 24 hours on CNN tonight. Despite the absurdity of that statement, I suspect that he will try to achieve this by handing over Ukraine to Putin and Russia. Christie tweeted “#PutinsPuppet”.


Trump did not explain how he planned to negotiate the end of war.

Christie, a vocal Trump critic, cited Trump’s refusal of saying that he wanted Ukraine’s victory in the conflict, as “more evidence that he is still Putin’s puppet”.

The super PAC that is pushing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is expected to run for the White House in 2020, called former President Trump’s CNN townhall “an hour full of nonsense.”

Erin Perrine, of Never Back Down, said that Donald Trump attacked Ron DeSantis on CNN and lied about the border wall being completed the same day he was attacking Joe Biden over the border crisis.

“The CNN townhall, as was expected, was over an hour full of nonsense which proved Trump to be stuck in the past. Trump hasn’t changed his position on conservative issues such as supporting life or the Second Amendment in 76 years. “How does that make America Great Again?”

Never Back Down called Trump’s CNN event a “true union of equals” before the sometimes contentious town hall in front of New Hampshire voters.

“A candidate with a diminished luster appears on a network which has lost its ratings. Both forget a crucial fact: 2024 doesn’t equal 2016. “The old gimmicks, tired lines and slogans don’t work any more,” CEO Chris Jankowski stated in a press release.

Donald Trump’s camp released a press release following an hour-long CNN Town Hall on Wednesday night, which officially launched the Republican Primary Race ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

His campaign stated that “President Donald J. Trump outlined his vision tonight to reverse the Biden Decline beginning on Day One.”

“Joe Biden turned everything into a catastrophe: inflation, economy, border, crime energy, China, Russia, and wokeness at schools.

“President Trump will secure the border, reduce inflation, crush the Deep State, and prevent World War 3.”

The campaign stated that “only he can stop forces from destroying the country –anyone who is not him will be torn apart.”

Trump is now a candidate for the White House a third-time after his presidential campaign in 2016, and his loss to Biden in 2020.

CNN was criticized by many left-wing journalists and politicians for its town hall Wednesday featuring former President Trump.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a New York House Representative, said in a Twitter that CNN should “be ashamed of themselves”.

“They lost control of this town hall, which was again manipulated to spread election disinformation, defend Jan 6th and launch a public assault on a victim of sexual abuse. She said that the audience was cheering on him and laughing at his host.

Mehdi Hasan, MSNBC’s host, also attacked the rival network.

Hasan tweeted: “I thought that this #CNNTownhall meeting with Trump would not be good, but it was much worse than I expected.” “The lack follow-ups. The audience was on his side. Mocking a victim of abuse. Sheesh.”

Nikole Hann-Jones, author of the 1619 Project for The New York Times, said CNN is “massively unprepared” for this.

Matt Fuller, Washington Bureau Chief of the Daily Beast, called it “an irresponsible catastrophe of journalism”.

Brian Stelter, former CNN host and media journalist, gave Kaitlan Collins a little slack for being a town hall moderator. He said she was a “great reporter.” She was given an impossible task.”