House Dem leader pressed to apologize for comparing Black conservatives to slaves in past editorial

House Minority leader Hakeem Jeffries has been called out for an editorial in a 1992 college newspaper that was racially offensive and compared Black conservatives with slaves.

Jeffries wrote in an essay entitled “The Black Conservative Phenomenon” published by the Binghamton University paper that the rise of Black conservatism “threatens to sustain the oppression [of] the Black masses.”

“The House Negro from the slavery period and the Black Conservative of today are opportunists who want to secure some measure of happiness within the social order that exists.” “In both cases, Blacks are at the bottom of the social hierarchy,” wrote Jeffries.

Black conservatives such as Florida Republican Rep. Byron Donalds have criticized the recently resurfaced article.

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Should Hakeem Jeffreys apologize? He said, “It’s 100% clear that he is responsible for the essay he wrote,” on Fox News.

Here’s the biggest thing. “I’m over the fake apologies,” said he. “Let’s debate Black conservatism and Black liberalism.” Let’s have an honest, real conversation about which policies will actually unleash not only Black America but also all of America. I believe that this is the debate the American people should be having right now.

The Washington Times tried to reach Mr. Jeffries, but received no response.

The editorial was written by Mr. Jeffries of New York, a Democrat. It was in response to the President George H.W. Bush nominated Judge Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court, a Black conservative.

In the same essay, he wrote that “the problem with today’s Black conservative politicians” is that they do not have an agenda that includes “the upliftment” of their people. He called them “right-wing oportunists” that spread conservative ideologies and are in return “elevated” to positions traditionally reserved for whites.

After the publication of the editorial, Leonard Jeffries, a professor in Black Studies who lost his job for making antisemitic comments, addressed the campus.

Since then, the younger Mr. Jeffries claims to only have a “vague memory” of the antisemitism scandal surrounding his uncle.

Mr. Jeffries told reporters that he was not tuned into the news regarding his uncle. He said it’s understandable, because the Internet wasn’t constantly buzzing with news.