House Probing Biden for ‘Conspiracy to Obstruct’ Congress

The House impeachment investigation is now looking into whether Joe Biden was involved in “a conspiracy of obstruct.” They sent a letter to the White House counsel asking for documents about Biden’s coordination and son Hunter Biden defying a subpoena from Congress.

In a letter addressed to White House Counsel Edward Siskel, the letter read: “In light an official statement by the White House that stated that President Biden knew in advance that Hunter Biden would defy the two congressional subpoenas,” we were compelled to investigate as part of our investigation into impeachment whether the President had engaged in a plot to obstruct the proceeding of Congress.

House Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) and House Judiciary Committee chair Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) sent the letter in order to investigate whether or not President Biden attempted to influence or obstruct committees’ activities by preventing or discouraging his son Hunter Biden from complying to the subpoenas to take a deposition, as part of House impeachment investigation.

The letter requests all communications and documents sent or received about Hunter Biden’s knowledge of the subpoena, and his planned press conference to announce that he would not comply with it.

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The letter states that “Mr. Biden failed to appear on December 13 for his deposition, as required by Committee subpoenas,” “Instead, Mr. Biden was seen on the grounds of U.S. Capitol along with his attorney and Rep. Eric Swalwell. Mr. Biden made a long public statement in front of a group of reporters, in which he made a number statements relevant to the House’s impeachment investigation, including assertions about his business, assertions regarding President Biden’s awareness and ‘financial’ involvement in these activities and attacks on committees’ inquiry.

Karine Jean Pierre, White House press secretary, said that President Biden “certainly knew what his son would say.”

“Ms. The letter continues, “Jean-Pierre’s statements suggest that the president knew in advance that Mr. Biden was going to choose to ignore two congressional subpoenas.” The relevant section of criminal code states that it is illegal to corruptly “… attempt to influence, obstruct or impede” the proper and due exercise of any inquiry or investigation by any committee of either House, or any joint committees of Congress.

“Anyone who aids, abets, counsels, commands, induces, or procures the commission of a criminal act is punished as a principal.”

Comer, who has been a long-time critic of Hunter Biden, believes that the House impeachment investigation, led by Oversight, Judiciary, House Ways & Means, investigates potential benefits for President Biden resulting from Hunter Biden’s schemes to influence foreign governments.

The letter from Wednesday stated that “the committees have accumulated substantial proof that Hunter Biden’s business ventures improperly involved his father and the president made false claims regarding his knowledge and participation in these schemes.” In fact, days before Mr. Biden’s scheduled deposition, President Obama claimed that he hadn’t interacted with his sons business partners.

This is not true. “The president has met, spoken with and received money from his son’s foreign business partners.”

Investigators believe that the latest investigation into “conspiracy” to obstruct Congress could lead to an impeachable crime.

The letter concluded: “In light this evidence, it is troubling that the president was aware that Mr. Biden might defy committee subpoenas. We must now examine whether he corruptly tried to influence or obstruct committee proceedings by discouraging or preventing his son from obeying the subpoenas of the committees.” Such conduct could be considered an impeachable offence.

The White House Counsel was given until Jan. 10, 2019 to deliver the documents and communications.

The House impeachment investigation can remove the President, even though the Justice Department is unlikely to act on a recommendation from the House on obstruction of Congress in the case of Hunter Biden. The final decision would be made by a Democrat-controlled Senate.