Hunter Biden contempt of Congress resolution to move ‘soon’ in House Oversight Committee

Hunter Biden will be held in contempt by the House Oversight Committee after he refused to take a deposition as part of an impeachment investigation into his father’s case, which was conducted by House Republicans.

Hunter Biden had been ordered to appear before the committee on Dec. 13, 2023. Instead of appearing, Hunter Biden read a press release to the outside media, openly refusing to comply with his subpoena. In his statement, Hunter Biden said that he would not take a deposition behind closed doors and would instead testify at a public hearing.

According to an aide on the GOP committee, the House Oversight Committee led by James Comer (R-KY) will move quickly to hold the son of the president in contempt.

The aide stated that “The Oversight Committee is soon going to mark up a Resolution holding Hunter Biden in Contempt of Congress for ignoring a lawful subpoena from Congress.”

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This is the beginning of his contempt. The resolution will be voted on by the House after it has been approved.

Hunter Biden is a key witness in the Republican investigation of President Joe Biden. They want to know if he benefited financially from his family business overseas, if he used his vice-presidency to benefit his family, and if he was implicated in a bribery case involving his son, as well as Burisma Energy Company, a Ukrainian energy company, where Hunter Biden served on a board.

Republicans have not yet produced concrete evidence to substantiate any of these claims.