Illegal migrants plant foreign flag on Texas island in Rio Grande as border crisis grows

Authorities said that illegal immigrants in the United States briefly attempted to claim an island on Texas by putting up a flag of a foreign country. The flag was quickly removed.

The flag, which is similar to the Colombian flag was planted near Eagle Pass in Texas, which borders the Rio Grande. This island has seen many migrants try to enter the U.S.

DPS Lt. Chris Olivarez, who works for Fox News Digital, said that the island was originally designated by the Texas General Land Office, but it was taken over by Texas Department of Public Safety in May after Title 42 expired, an order issued during the Trump era to promote public health.

Olivarez stated that the flag was “quickly handled” by DPS Tactical Marine Unit. According to images supplied to Fox News Digital, it was emblazoned “Robenz”.


U.S. Rep. Troy Nehls (R-Texas) commented on the video showing the flag being removed.

“Don’t mess up with Texas,” wrote he.

Texas has seen a significant increase in migrants. Many of them are from Venezuela. The majority of adult illegal immigrants from Venezuela moved to Texas last week and gathered beneath a bridge near Eagle Pass.

Fox News reported that they gathered beneath the bridge to wait for Border Patrol processing in order to be released into the U.S.