Jordan, Bragg Reach Agreement for Ex-Prosecutor to Testify in Congressional Probe of Trump Indictment

Alvin Bragg, Manhattan district attorney (D.), and Jim Jordan, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee (R.), have reached a “settlement” agreement that will allow Mark Pomerantz to testify early next month. Pomerantz was a prosecutor in charge of investigating Donald Trump.

As soon as it became apparent that Trump was about to be indicted for falsifying records in relation to a hush money payment to Stormy, Jordan asked Bragg’s Office for testimony. The Judiciary Chairman then requested former prosecutors Carey Dunne, and Mark Pomerantz, to appear. He argued Congress had legitimate oversight authority over certain aspects of the local investigation. The Manhattan DA’s Office deemed this a shocking act of overreach, and filed a suit against Jordan and his co-workers for attempting to obstruct congressional inquiries. The case was appealed by the Second Circuit after a district judge allowed Pomerantz the opportunity to testify.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office retracted its appeal this evening in Bragg v. Jordan. Jordan’s spokesperson wrote that Mr. Pomerantz will be deposed on May 12 and they look forward to seeing him.

Despite not being able to stop Pomerantz from testifying, the Manhattan DA’s office framed this agreement as a win for their side.

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In a press release, a Bragg spokesperson said that the successful stay of the subpoena prevented the immediate deposition. This gave us the necessary time to work with the House Judiciary Committee and come up with an agreement protecting the District Attorney’s interests and privileges.

Pomerantz, Dunne and Bragg were all former colleagues at the Manhattan DA’s office. They resigned as a protest when Bragg expressed initial doubts regarding prosecuting Trump. The investigation was suspended. Dunne, Pomerantz and others were assigned to investigate every aspect of Trump’s finances.

Jordan’s letter requesting testimony from Pomerantz cited the prosecutor’s recent book, “excoriating Bragg because he did not aggressively prosecute President Trump.” Jordan also noted that Bragg was deeply hurt by criticisms from Pomerantz & Dunne.

Pomerantz and the legal counsel of the DA’s office will be questioned in the committee.